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worker man worried using desktop animation

Frustrated businessman getting bad results on laptop computer at home office. Upset guy reading news on computer screen at remote workplace. Portrait of sad business man working laptop at home kitchen


Thoughtful man holding cup thinking in night house closeup. Sad pensive guy carrying mug pondering problems at evening flat alone.

Portrait of stressed woman posing with hands gestures on grey background. Closeup angry woman looking at camera with negative emotions in slow motion. Unhappy lady standing in studio.

Unhappy medic dealing with a painful migraine against greenscreen backdrop, working in healthcare industry under pressure. Woman physician

mechanic worker man character animation

Portrait of tired service worker in hard hat. Caucasian repairman or builder indoors. Exhaustion and tiredness.

Builder in medical protective mask sits on concrete floor of construction site. He is not feeling well and has a headache, he takes off hard hat and massages his head

Man about to sneeze, green screen. Sneezing man on Alpha Channel background. Flu or allergy symptoms.

Serious woman posing on grey background. Closeup focused woman in studio. Female model posing in slow motion. Beautiful lady looking at camera.


Portrait of a sad brunette guy in an apron who holds in his hands a sign with the inscription closed in a supermarket

Unhappy manager sitting at dark office looking laptop monitor close up. Sad businessman working overtime with computer late evening

Worried Businessman Business Man Working With Laptop Pc In Office

Bored office girl sitting empty cabinet close up. Tired sad businesswoman leaning head on palm feeling burnout work. Exhausted woman manager

End of career, bankruptcy. Unemployment and economic crisis because of coronavirus. Shocked frustrated mixed race business woman in office feel stressed because she fired. Covid-19, pandemic concept.

Solitary Desolation: Depressed Hispanic Man Alone at Home, Clutching Forehead in Crisis

Upset manager finish laptop work sitting workplace alone close up. Unmotivated businesswoman closing computer at workday end feeling weary.

Unemployment and economic crisis because of coronavirus. End of career, bankruptcy. Shocked frustrated mixed race business woman in office feel stressed because she fired. Covid-19, pandemic concept.

Middle aged business man shrug shoulders because have no idea. Oops, it's was not my fail. Sorry, but my working hours ended. I dont know


Pensive employee working night in office closeup. Tired businessman staying late workplace. Sad executive rubbing temples preparing report

Frustrated woman closed face with hands at work closeup. Sad boss having mental stress. Depressed businesswoman failing project feeling helpless. Ceo disappointed about bad news. Big trouble concept

Stressed man experiencing a migraine on color background.

Portrait of upset business woman looking stickers on board in hipster office. Frustrated girl searching solutions in modern office. Closeup exhausted female employee choosing answer on sticker board

Medium slow-motion close-up portrait of adult middle-eastern warehouse worker looking at camera sitting in forklift machine with hands on wheel relaxing

Silhouette of sad, unhappy businessman sitting on armchair by the window, against the sky

Tracking shot of tired elderly male worker in overalls, gloves and hard hat walking through metal fabrication facility


Sad woman thinking office at computer table closeup. Serious executive pondering company strategy putting head on hands looking distance

Stressed man covering face with his palm thinking of problems in home office closeup.

Distressed office woman crying sitting sofa closeup. Uneasy professional feeling sad sobbing at coworking workplace alone. Depressed entrepreneur complaining having troubles at luxury open space

Thoughtful businesswoman reading news portrait. Worried sad woman thinking problem solution closeup. Serious girl purses lips considering issues alone. Pensive female person making hard decision

Chest up of Caucasian male industrial worker wearing yellow hard hat and workwear looking at camera standing on blurred background indoors at factory

Senior Woman Shoemaker At Sideway. Poor People In Asia Work Hard To Earn Money.


Stressed freelancer feeling desperate working remotely at home closeup. Upset young businessman dissatisfied business fail project mistake

Fatigued young professional working on computer, experiencing eye strain and burnout, occupational stress concept

Depressed director suffering alone at coworking closeup. Stressed businesswoman getting fired after failing project. Upset person thinking marriage career problems. Grieved manager feeling helpless

Stressed businesswoman hangover holding paper cup coffee near head with upset face. Bored and sleepy woman office worker on teambuilding and

Work Challenges: Fatigued young woman at office, reviewing errors

Crying depressed doctor sitting corridor after bad day close up. Portrait of stressed man medic experiencing hard emotions on clinic floor. Emotional sad medicine worker resting in hospital hallway.


Portrait stressed professional think business problem. Tired office man look solution touch head. Upset frustrated businessman feel headache

Businesswoman tries to cope with nervous tension or anxiety. Woman suffering from panic attacks or head ache. Girl in depression because of troubles at work.Serious concept.

Silhouette of sad, unhappy businessman sitting on armchair by the window, against the sky, 4K

Overworked sad 25-aged female person feeling headache and massaging her temples during working with financial report,a lot of crumpled papers lying on table

Close up stressed frustrated man suffering from headache at home. Exhausted tensed worker coping with migraine, emotional stress concept feeling pain sitting on sofa at home.


Exhausted man working home sitting living room late evening closeup. Portrait of overworked freelancer reading bad news feeling stressed

Upset businessman finding mistakes in documents in office. Close up frustrated worker looking at laptop computer at home office. Sad business man reading finance report at notebook indoors

Sad businessman sitting on stairs outdoor with box of stuff as lost business. Fired man. Male office worker in despair lost job. Unemployment rate growing due pandemic

Tired business woman working with headache in home office. Stressed businesswoman upset by bad financial report. Tired woman leaning back at workplace. Female employee thinking about work in office


Asian women feel tired, irritated, and overworked. and eye strain after using the computer to work from home. Headache. Visual fatigue. and symptoms of eye fatigue