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Sad child embracing stuffed animal.

upset child in natural setting

Depressed girl sitting on kitchen floor alone

Sad Depressed Little Girl Laid In Bed Holding Head With Hands In Chin Close Up Face Of Melancholic Child Feeling Down In Black And White Monochrome

Unhappy child with pillow wipes tears alone on bed in moonlit bedroom closeup

Child yearns for outdoor play, taps window in longing

Close-up of child holding teddy bear outdoors. Child's fear and safety concerns explored.


Portrait of sad little girl looking down close up

Child hides behind large striped pillow, looking with sad eyes in cozy room with night lamp and shaded corner. Closeup, slow motion.

Portrait of a young child in tears

Slow motion shot of engaged young girl reading book at desk in cozy bedroom

Sad Pensive Little Girl Feeling Solitude By Apartment Window Staring At View With Thoughtful Gaze Contemplative Depressed Child


One Worried Pensive Little Girl With Sad Quiet Expression Standing Outside During Sunset Backlit Close Up 8 Year Old Girl Portrait

Lonely child in the car gazing outside

Child patiently waiting at the bus stop


Bored Little Girl Rolling Eyes To Sky Feeling Annoyed Eye Rolling

Sad teenager daughter and her loving mother. 4K UHD


Child, teenage is sitting on the couch at home, using the remote control to switch channels on the TV.

Child Patient Undergoing Treatment in Pediatric Unit

Child Boy Crying close-up ,Slow motion

Thoughtful female character animation

Portrait of a sorrowful and tearful young girl

Portrait of a Muslim Mother with Hijab Comforting Her Crying Child - Parenthood Concept

Close-up of unwell child at home. Mother checking daughter's temperature.

Text message on mobile phone causing distress to a young girl at home

Child in a mask stays safe at home during quarantine. Protection from virus and infection. Concept of COVID-19.


Portrait of sad little girl looking down close up

A cute little girl of African-American appearance sits on a chair with a serious look

A cute little girl of African-American appearance sits on a chair with a serious look

Child upset at a cafe table by the window.

Lonely girl with teddy bear, childhood struggles.

Child in a mask observing during a global virus outbreak. Prevent infection, flu, and SARS. Isolated and quarantined.

A young person in distress. Sad. Scared. White dress. Close-up. Long hair. Dark room. Hurt.

Lonely child finds comfort in soft pillow, sitting alone in dimly lit bedroom - closeup, slow motion

Child in hospital bed with oxygen tube, mother by side

A young girl with a serious expression sits on a chair

Anxious child struggles with bedtime

Portrait of a young girl hugging a teddy bear on Christmas eve. Upset child at home with toy on New Year. Sadness concept.

Child in white shirt expresses frustration with yellow wall in the background (slow motion)

Hopeful child holding bread, looking into the camera

Moody Little Girl Changing Emotion, Close Up portrait of African American child

Sad child embracing stuffed animal.

Child in distress on Holi festival: Little girl in a tree, tears flowing

Unhappy child watching busy man on laptop, feeling ignored. Family dynamics and disregard.

Portrait of young patient wearing oxygen nasal tube recovering from pneumonia. Girl with fever during medical consultation in hospital ward.

Challenges of Parenting: A Father and Daughter's Emotional Moment

Lonely girl with teddy bear on a road. Childhood. Education. Problem. Sad girl and her teddy bear. Sad girl feels lonely.

Lonely girl with teddy bear, childhood struggles.