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Slow motion of a hand getting the air bubble out of a hypodermic syringe and then spraying out the liquid medicine from the needle.

Doctor With Syringe Needle Pierces The Rubber Stopper Of The Glass With Medication Vial On A Light Background

Medical syringe filled medicines close up. Unknown laboratory clinic worker preparing drug injection for healthcare treatment. View of medication drop on short needle close up. Vaccination concept.

Medical worker preparing syringe injection with needle. Male doctor hands in medical gloves removing air bubbles from syringe. Antiviral vaccine. Stop covid-19

Syringe needle pierces the rubber stopper of the glass vial.

Thread Passes Through Needle

Seattle, Washington circa-2017, Aerial view of Seattle at dawn. Shot with Cineflex and RED Epic-W Helium.

Making vaccination injection, shadow of doctor holding syringe close-up. Silhouette of hands with vaccine isolated on blue neon background. Healthcare and medicine concept.

Close-up of syringe needle with drop isolated on black background. Water drop from syringe needle. Close up. Close-up of medical syringe

Sewing kit on black background.

Close up view of doctor holding syringe. Cropped view of hands in gloves preparing injection. Medicine and drugs concept

A skilled craftsman threading a needle with precision. The art of clear vision.

Handheld POV of unrecognizable doctor disinfecting arm of cropped senior patient, then giving him injection of Covid-19 vaccine at daytime


Intravenous catheter placed into wrist in hospital bed 4k

closeup on needle inserting into vaccine vial slowly, doctor's with surgical gloves sucking mRNA vaccine out of bottle for building the herd immunity in country, coronavirus epidemic prevention,

Clean shiny needle of syringe on white background macro view. Medical tests in hospital laboratory. Disposable instrument for cure injection

Female hands inject the solution into a vial of vaccine with a syringe

Drawing of insulin or other medicine into syringe

Grunge looking Syringe with Needle

VinTurning on and playing a Retro vinyl record playing spining.ylplayer 013

Hand of doctor performing acupuncture therapy . Alternative medicine - doctor sticks needles into the woman's body on the acupuncture. Slow motion shot.

Close-up male hands thread a needle. Operational details at sewing and tailoring. Mans fingers use needle and thread with a blurred background.

Close up nurse doctor use syringe injection needle sucking liquid medicine out of bottle, Medication Drug biotechnology vaccine, sterile vials and medical equipment, pandemic cure healing concept

Macro Close Up Of A Female Hand Putting A Thread Through A Needle

Seamstress prepares pins for cutting patterns before seawing, handmade dress and underwear, clothing industry, tailor at work

A vinyl record spins in the modern gramophone music player and plays an old disco. Close-up shot of custom vinyl turntable player with

Doctor administering COVID-19 vaccine: Safe procedure at modern hospital

Syringe needle medicine with liquid medicine drop on a blue background

Close up of needle of a medical syringe

Circa March, 2021 - A slider dolly shot of a Moderna vaccination vial. A doctor, nurse, or pharmacist picks up a hypodermic needle.

A vinyl record spins in the modern gramophone music player and plays an old disco. Close-up shot of custom vinyl turntable player with

Slow-motion medium closeup of female african american hospital worker getting vaccinated against coronavirus by her colleague giving her vaccination dose

COVID-19 vaccine bottles ready for injection on a hospital table

CU, macro: person touches edge of syringe needle with dripping antiviral vaccine drop on black background in lab extreme close view

Doctor adjusting medical drip in ward. Patient hand with IV catheter closeup. Unknown medical worker in protective suit insert intravenous needle in ward. African american man undergo clinic recovery.

Slow Motion: Working from Home - Young Woman Typing on a Typewriter in a Bright Room

Dental professional prepares instruments for patient

Black vinyl Retro record DJ player. Black vinyl background color spectrum label in center. Rotating plate close-up on turntable. Needle stylus. Top view. Popular styles of disco from 60s 70s 80s 90s

Close up medical hands in gloves sucking liquid medicine vaccine from ampoule with syringe needle. Medical worker preparing injection with antiviral vaccine. Medical liquid drugs and vitamins

Slow Motion Needle Blue Liquid 1

people, stitching, embroidery, needlework and sewing concept - hands of tailor woman threading needle

NEEDLE DRAWS DRUGS FROM A SPOON. Slow, close up dolly shot of a syringe drawing illegal drugs off of a junkie's spoon. Shot in 4K, 10 bit.

Syringe needle medicine with liquid medicine drop

In medical cabinet, caring skilled medical worker administers vaccine to child, slow motion

Close-up of female doctor inserting needle in male skin. Hands of professional acupuncturist healing Caucasian man. Back acupuncture, alternative medicine.

Medical vials for injection with a syringe and needle. Health worker dials the vaccine

Elastic white protective gloves filling up vsccine medicine into injection needle, new biotechnology laboratory research, covid19 vaccine, pandemic cure, virus prevention, close up shot

Close-up of acupuncture needle used in traditional medicine to heal patient.