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A young man shares his thoughts in a city at night - closeup

Animated Signal Tutorial

CEO discussing business presentation in modern workplace office. Young executive on conference meeting. Manager explaining strategy plan. Corporate concept.

Rear view of unrecognizable cadets listening to military instructor speaking and pointing at satellite map on screen during class in service college

Young funny caucasian guy grimacing mind explosion on isolated on gray background. An emotional man in black shirt can't explain his

Medium footage of midsection of unrecognizable male medical director or chief physician in white coat speaking at hospital meeting, giving presentation to colleagues on financial performance on screen


Tilt up shot of anxious Caucasian woman sitting in clinic waiting for magnetic resonance imaging results, worrying for diagnosis. Multiethnic male nurse showing film scan to female patient

Man in a white shirt and dark jeans throwing his hands byside, enjoying freedom, believe future success. Happy tourist on rock top, victory and purpose. Cyprus. Paphos

Joyful young man smiling and talking to the camera, explaining something. Positive emotions. Male portrait. Contemporary human.

Angry guy shouting mobile phone at office closeup. Mad businessman calling solving financial crisis. Annoyed bank client complain cellphone.

Medium shot of male biracial finance specialist in white shirt and tie sitting at desk in car dealership, giving copies of loan contract and insurance for reading to young Caucasian husband and wife


Black man lying on sofa at psychologist office wearing vr goggles and talking about his mental state and feelings

Business Dialogue: Office Meeting and Contract Discussion

Medical nurse checking temperature monitoring sickness symptom during recovery appointment in hospital ward. Sick man patient resting in bed while assistant analyzing rehabilitation expertise

Bearded man talk on video call sit on yoga mat greets in namaste, close up

Successful confident african american talking, Black skin man in white dress shirt speaking and explaining holding tablet.

Front view of confident young man in headset working from home and having a video chat

Friendly professional waiter speaking with unrecognizable guest during room service


Full vertical shot of smiling young Middle Eastern man in glasses and smart casual jacket, holding journal sitting on high chair in classroom or office, and talking to offscreen audience at meeting

Online Tutoring: Young Student Offering Foreign Language Lessons for Kids

Over shoulder shot of Caucasian teacher drawing tactics on whiteboard and discussing it with cadets in military college

Adult male hand performing tablet gestures on a green background. Png file with alpha channel for easy background replacement.

Man holding croissant and speaking in cafe


Close up tilt down shot of man standing in front of projection screen, holding business paper and giving presentation during office meeting

Webcam View of Man Coach recording Online Training Webinar sitting at Office. Male Worker Talking for Distance Interview, answering on questions, Looking at the Camera

A young man shares thoughts on an apartment balcony in an urban area - closeup

Young man joyfully discovering exciting news or having a brilliant idea, smiling with amazement while touching beard.

Passionate professional shares insights on his work from casual office

Cropped shot of unrecognizable adult skilled waiter with napkin on his arm gesticulating while speaking to colleague at workplace in expensive restaurant with bar

Mad bearded man with drug withdrawal syndrome talking angrily during meeting with support group

Instructor teaches child boxing in sports gym. Careful combat trainer explains right posture to little boy in fighting club slow motion

Back view of professional coach holding punching bag and working out with boy teaching boxing attacks.

Bearded man talk on video call sit on yoga mat greets in namaste

Tilt closeup of Caucasian bald military professor in formalwear speaking and gesticulating while giving lecture in service academy

Charming person sharing a tale in the cafe

Tilt down shot of male presenter with headset mic standing in front on projection screen with line graph and holding digital tablet while giving speech during conference

Medium footage of male innovator in glasses speaking about characteristics of new wind turbine prototype to his coworkers and partners during online conference using laptop while in office

Confused man seeks guidance, isolated on black background.

Two friends sit on bench near university

Man writes formula on the flipchart


Vertical shot of young female African American learner sitting in car with L plate, studying driving under supervision of mature male instructor

Assisting Elderly Relatives: Young Woman Guides Grandfather on Smartphone App

Close-up of Arabic graphic designer showcasing color cards to colleague

Black businessman arguing with someone on phone. African american man talking on phone, disagree with someone and checking time on watch. White isolated background.

Serious blogger man, coach, influencer talking to audience,

Man and woman recording tutorial video on stage in theater


Medium vertical shot of anonymous college student raising hand to ask question at programming lecture, male teacher nodding, answering and demonstrating on code example on projector screen

Side shot of bald Caucasian military officer sitting and commenting on tactical strategy pointing at satellite map on screen in academy