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Sad Child Suffering From Depression Sitting Alone In Corridor Feeling Loneliness Scared Fearful Small Boy Covering Face In Silhouette At Home


Sad Bored Child Sitting By Window Looking Out With Pensive Contemplative Expression In Monochromatic Black And White


Lonely Sad Little Boy Close Up Face Looking Out Window Depressed And Thoughtful In Dramatic Black And White


Toddler Boy Standing By Apartment Window Looking Outside

One Silhouette Of Small Child Suffering Feeling Despair Childhood Domestic Violence Concept Fearful Little Boy


Depressed Thoughtful Child Close Up Face Looking Out Window In Dramatic Black And White Lonely Sad Little Boy

Young Boy Looking Out Into Park Curiously And Upset

Sad Black Girl Suffering From Depression Sitting In Bed Feeling Worry And Regret 2

Boy Covers Face With His Hands Stressed Child Domestic Family Violence And Aggression Concept Concept For Bullying And Frustration

offended boy sits hiding in the corner

Depressed Young Boy Standing By Window During Rain

Portrait of asian child crying and angry on gray background

Sad child embracing stuffed animal.

Lonely girl child with teddy bear in his hand on walk in city street

Toddler Boy Standing Straight On Blue Wall Looks To His Side Slow Motion

Young Boy Leaning On Window Looking Out on a Rainy Day

Lonely schoolgirl in dark hallway, feeling upset and scared.

Lonely teen schoolchild sitting alone on school staircase closeup. Unhappy schoolboy posing on stairs looking camera. Elementary age boy hide in empty dark hall. Social bullying victim concept.

Preschooler child silhouette on stairs in evening. boy sits alone on steps at cottage house. Kid rests on staircase of eco hotel at

A sad 12-year-old teenager sits thoughtfully on the steps of a house, resting their head in their hands, reflecting psychological issues and loneliness during adolescence

Lonely girl with teddy bear, childhood struggles.

Rear view of a boy along the beach during daytime in Thailand. Creative. Boy child by the sea on a windy day.

Boy Looking Sad On Outdoors At Park As People Walk By

Sad Child Suffering From Depression Pensive Little Girl

Boy looking outside the window

Kids and boredom. Close up of boring little preteen girl having nothing to do, tapping fingers, leaning on desk at home

Portrait of concerned young boy with expressive face. Close-up, copy space.

Toddler Boy Stands Up On Pier Slow Motion

Sadness Asian boy be hide the fence, Pan shot

Sad frustrated Middle Eastern boy sitting on carpet at home thinking. Portrait of lonely depressed bullied child alone indoors. Childhood problems and depression concept.

Empty swings move abandoned in an empty playground

One Lonely Small Boy Sitting In The Dark Staring At Window Depressed Child In Bedroom Alone


Little Boy Looking Out the Window In The Morning after Waking Up 4

Lonely child finds comfort in soft pillow, sitting alone in dimly lit bedroom - closeup, slow motion

Close-up of child holding teddy bear outdoors. Child's fear and safety concerns explored.

Child Witnessing Domestic Conflict

Slow motion portrait of a student alone in school

Upset child with pillow comforts herself near glowing tent light in dim bedroom closeup slow motion

One Contemplative Little Boy Inside Bus Transportation Child Leaning On Glass Window Looking At City With Sad Depressed Emotion

Quarantine: Child's Perspective on Staying Home

Sadness asian kid sit and depressed ,Tilt up camera

Portrait of serious African American teen Girl staring At Camera Close Up

Lonely child leans on tree trunk in dark forest. Little girl lost in night nature park during travel. Kid threatened by darkness and sounds


Lonely Bored Child Leaning On Glass Window With Red Tinted Color Struggles With Nothing To Do

One Bored Child Sitting On Couch At Home With Nothing To Do Young Boy With Pensive Expression Feeling Boredom


Sad Depressed Child Leaning On Window Wanting To Go Out Confined Kid Feeling Boredom And Lonely Social Isolation Childhood In Dramatic Monochromatic Black And White

Back view of a child sitting alone on the stairs in the entrance hall

Little Girls Silhouette Depicting Depression In Childhood Leaning On Defocused Window Close Up Hands Of Child Struggling With Mental Illness Lonely Kid Feeling Trapped