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MS Smoke from burning incense in metal holder / Singapore

Incense burning in a wooden holder with candles next to it. Slow motion.

CU Smoke from burning incense in metal holder

CU Burning incense sticks


2023-06-01 - Kandy, Sri Lanka. Sri Dalada Maligawa. Devotees offer flowers at Buddhist Temple, Kandy. Worshipers light incense in sacred

Incense stick burning in the home interior

Canang Sari, Insence, Flowers, Gebongan a symbol of Offerings Hindu Balinese Ritual Prayer in Bali Indonesia Culture Religion

Incense Burning Angkor Wat Ruins Spirit Worship Cinematic Temple Siem Reap Cambodia 4K

Woman hand Incense Stick from Candle Are Burning And Smoke On Dark Background

Smoking incense sticks in stone altar against golden statue in buddhist temple at Ho Quoc Pagoda. Phu Quoc island, Kien Giang, Vietnam. Close up

Traditional oil lamps burn softly in serene Buddhist temple. Flickering flames create tranquil atmosphere. Devotees meditate, seeking

Aromatherapy, burning incense stick close-up. Indian aroma sticks. Meditation, spa relax concept.

Joss stick with smoke

Abstract white smoke on a black background

Japanese woman at home contemplating and smelling incense, Kyoto Japan

Smoldering incense in a meditation studio

CU Burning incense sticks / Singapore

Young mansitting next to a basket with tea offering and incense during an ayurvedic ceremony, close up

Candle smoke in a temple in Vietnam. 4K

144 Asian Woman Lights Incense

CU R/F Incense burning in front of goddess of fertility / Bangkok, Thailand

4K : Happy Asian Family praying for a prosperous in Chinese New Year Celebrations

A woman meditates sorting through japa-mala sitting by smoldering incense

Stick of palo alto burns next to a candle in part of meditative ritual

Wooden incense box and burning candles on floor

Wooden incense box on floor

Incenses smoke in Asian temple

Female meditating near candles and incense

Bali Incense and Smoke at Temple Gate Balinese Barong Statue

Incense stick burning in a wooden holder, candle in the background. Slow motion, shallow depth of field.


Devotees oil lamps in Buddhist temple for spiritual rituals. Flames flicker on metal stands, hope, devotion. Worship ritual in sacred place

Incense stick burning in a wooden holder. Close up, slow motion, shallow depth of field.

Fast changing lights moving while green incense flames burning in the dark. Abstract background.

Close-up of burning candle lights and incense sticks standing on table with blurry monk in black robe running his finger under printed words of vintage book, studying ancient history in background.

Incense sticks are burning slowly in the burner of a chinese temple.

Woman sticks incense in Wenshu Monastery (Manjushri Monastery)

Candle blown out and white smoke rising up on black background

CU Smoke from burning incense in metal holder

Gold Souk market. Dubai. UAE. Burning incense on the coals. Arabian Bakhoor incense burner censer with smoke and blurred background.

People Praying to God at Phnom Bakheng Angkor Temple Siem Reap, Cambodia

91 Slow Motion Incense Burning On A Rainy Day In Asia

Woman praying and offeering incense at a Temple, Chinatown, Singapore, South East Asia

incense pot in front of Buddhist Tao temple in China. blur background people paying respect


a close up of a lit incense stick with smoke coming out of it

Visitors waft smoke from an incense cauldron towards themselves at Senso-ji

CU DF Burning incense sticks

Slow motion shot of smoldering joss sticks on altar in Buddhist Ho Quoc Pagoda in Vietnam

Aromatherapy, burning incense stick close-up. Indian aroma sticks. Meditation, spa relax concept.