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A closeup of drawing on a chalkboard

Child Draws Chalk Art in the Park

Athlete applies chalk to skin of hands to remove moisture


Red and White Lighthouse on the South Coast of England

Education - Writing on the Chalk Board

Engrossed multi ethnic boys drawing and painting with colorful chalks and felt-tip pen on easel board in kindergarten. Positive diverse kids expressing creativity and imagination at preschool class.

A child creates chalk art in the park

Child using Sidewalk Chalk

Man writes equation on chalkboard

Slow motion footage at the tailors store, the tailor is preparing the final stitch on a cloth

Young men playing American billiard poule close-up. Colorful balls on green billiards table . Billiard balls with numbers on a pool table

Skilled female climber conquers indoor wall with agility and precision

A tailor is practicing on his sewing machine-flat profile

Adventurous traveler conquers the peak. Climber's hands gripping rock. Rock Climbing, Mountain Climbing, Hiking.

Happy Girl Writing On Blackboard In Class And Smiling

Close-up of an athlete's hand that ties a rope climber to climb a mountain on a black background


Young man solves mathematical equations on blackboard. Media. Young man solves complex equations on transparent board. Genius writes


Zirconium porcelain and implant studies in the Dental Laboratory

Child Draws Chalk Art in the Park

Children draw on the asphalt

Closeup of Teacher in Full Classroom

The seamstress working with a cloth and a chalk

CU SELECTIVE FOCUS Woman drawing arrow on blackboard, view of hand


Beautiful Lighthouse on the South Coast of England Aerial View

CU Male hand writing Chinese characters on blackboard

Talented man creating dress design indoors

Female hand drawing a growth chart on a blackboard.

Portrait of nerd Middle Eastern teenager writing with chalk on blackboard, looking at camera and smiling. Confident genius male student posing in college or university indoors. Slow motion.


Tall Lighthouse on the Shores of England

Father and son drawing on a sidewalk outside with chalk on a warm spring or summer day handheld in slow motion

Pamukkale meaning cotton castle in Turkish is a natural site in Denizli Province in southwestern Turkey. Pamukkale is one of Turkey top attractions and a precious in the world with its cotton-look terraces

Macro of woman hand holding piece of chalk. Closeup unrecognizable female person writing math simple equation on chalkboard. Student solving mathematical example on blackboard. Study concept

Colorful School Education Tools 6

Handheld shot of friendly male professor standing at blackboard and explaining equations written on it, then turning to students and asking questions


Tall Lighthouse on the Shores of England

Kid doing math on chalk board macro

Hand writing #1 (number one) with chalk on a blackboard.

Rear view of businesswoman looking at chalk business sketches on wall 20s 4k.

Slowmo of children enjoying summer activities outdoors

CU Male hand writing Chinese characters on blackboard

Girl writes I Love Mommy on school chalkboard.


Tall Lighthouse on the Shores of England

Young Biracial Man Demonstrates Graph Drawing on Blackboard

Contest of street drawing

Close up footage of a tailor drawing lines on fabric and making some alterations arround the cut with his chalk-flat profile

Slowmo of two adorable boys drawing with chalk on wooden planks while two girls scrolling on smartphone on bench in background, enjoying summertime outdoors in park

Education concept - ABC alphabet school blackboard concept. School teacher writing ABC alphabet in English class or preschool. on chalkboard.

Rear-view close-up with slowmo of smart Mixed-race student standing at blackboard while solving hard Geometry problem