Getting Started with Video Editing

Learning basic video editing skills is a great way to add value to your professional self. Data shows that video is a vital component of effective marketing strategies today, and something you can’t afford to ignore. Videos that need editing range from feature films, to corporate videos, to advertising and social media content. Plus, there are tons of tools out there that can help you get impressive results from your couch. Let’s look at some of our favorite tutorials for getting started with video editing:

Getting Started with Video Editing

When you’re new to video editing, it’s helpful to start with some high-level information about the process and best practices. This video from YouTube Creator Academy doesn’t drop a lot of technical details. Still, it’s a great place to start because it covers key callouts like the importance of organizing and backing up your footage.

The Video Editing Workflow

Whether or not you have or plan to use Filmora, this tutorial from the popular prosumer level software is a lengthy but robust tutorial that walks through a full workflow. It covers importing footage, to editing basics, transitions, working with audio, and exporting. Filmora is set up similar to other software like Premiere Pro, so no matter what tools you are using, it’s worthwhile to first understand the process start to finish.

Mobile Editing

Adobe Premiere Rush is a multi-platform editing tool from Adobe designed with social media content creation in mind. A significant benefit is the ability to edit a video on a mobile device and continue on a desktop computer. Mobile editing tools like CapCut are a great way to get familiar with video editing concepts, as mobile apps tend to be simpler versions of their desktop counterparts.

Intro to Video Editing Tools

This video dives into editing tools that allow you to maneuver your footage with more precision. Features like slip, slide, ripple, and roll are found in most desktop editors. Even if you don’t use them all right away, this video is a great way to start visualizing editing principles.

Color Correction Basics

Color correction is essential in video editing to ensure all of your clips match one another visually and flow seamlessly. This tutorial covers color correction tools and concepts for beginners that can also be applied to most video editing software.

The Final Step: Export Your Project

The final step in any video editing project is exporting your project. Luckily, the basic options and features are the same no matter which application you’re using. This tutorial covers exporting sections of a video, exporting different aspect ratios, and recommended encoding settings.

The first step in video editing is finding the right tutorials to guide you. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, it’s time to get editing!

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