The Best Music Tracks for Explainer Videos

The “explainer video” is a popular video style used to quickly explain a product, service, or concept. The engaging visual format simply breaks down what a company does, how to use a product, how something works, or pretty much anything else that needs explaining. And they are usually driven by light, energetic background music

Explainer videos are so popular, there are creators out there who exclusively produce that style. Here’s an example from Yum Yum Videos—an explainer video about explainer videos. The background music is light and friendly to compliment the voiceover and animation. It adds a level of interest and fun without overpowering the information.

Another great example is from Apple, explaining the Apple Card. Here the music bed really moves the video forward. The track has a mechanical quality to it as well to suggest that the product is high-tech.

While explainer videos often have a voiceover, they don’t have to. Here’s an example from Nuuly, where music and sound effects compose a soundscape.

How to Select Music for an Explainer Video

When browsing tracks for an explainer video, you can narrow your search with filters. With Storyblocks, you can search by mood, genre, or duration. If you don’t find a track at the perfect length, keep in mind that stock tracks often have moments where they can be smoothly cut or faded out.

Music for the Background

When browsing for background music, it’s important to remember it is just that: background. The explanation itself will come in the visual and/or the voiceover. For that reason, it’s typically a best practice to select an instrumental track. Another consideration is to choose a track that is pretty dynamically even. Music with a dramatic crescendo or a beat drop could distract from the video’s content.

Music for the Mood

Also, consider the vibe you’re going for. To demonstrate simplicity, one convention of the genre is a light and friendly tone. Try searching by mood, genre, or collection. Try the playful and happy moods to start. Or check the Storyblocks collections Music for Explainer Videos or Music for the Gram.


Once you’ve narrowed down some favorites, the best way to pick a winner is to test them out in your project. With Unlimited Audio, you can download to your heart’s content!

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