Superhero Sound Kit: Music and SFX for Your Epic Project

Blockbuster season is in full swing this summer. From Wonder Woman’s box office domination to the highly anticipated Spider-Man reboot in July, there’s no shortage of epic films to inspire filmmakers and artists. Is it any surprise, then, that cinematic music and high-octane SFX are consistently ranked as the most popular tracks in our library?

Not just for big summer flicks, cinematic music and sound effects are perfect for small indie projects, marketing and advertising, or just adding a little extra “epicness” to your day. We rounded up 25 of the most downloaded tracks from our most searched for categories in our music and sound effects library: epic music and SFX for explosions, whooshes, fights, and crowds. Use these music tracks to inspire audiences or to score a pivotal moment in your storytelling—and use these sound effects to shock and awe viewers, keeping them on the edge of their seat.

Whatever you use them for, these tracks are sure to make your project legen…(wait for it)…dary.

Epic Music Tracks

1. Epic Contest

Download this Epic Contest production music.

If you’re not sure where to start, read up on our five tips for picking the right music for any mood.

Explosion SFX

2. Strong Explosion Blast

Download this explosion blast sound effect.

3. Distant Bomb Explosion

Download this distant bomb audio clip.

4. Huge Distorted Explosion

Download this distorted explosion audio clip.

5. Galactic Explosions

Download this distorted explosions with swoosh sound effect.

6. Massive Explosion

Download this massive explosion audio clip.

Whooshes SFX

7. Fast Strong Wind Whooshes

Download this fast wind whoosh audio clip.

8. Deep Fast Whoosh

Download this deep whoosh audio clip.

9. Air Flyby Whoosh

Download this air flyby whoosh audio clip.

10. Drive-by Whoosh

Download this drive-by whoosh sound effect.

11. Fireball Whoosh

Download this fireball audio clip.

Fight SFX

12. Fast Hitting Punches

Download this fast swooshing punches sound effect.

13. Long Sword Blade

Download this sword blade sound effect.

14. Distant Cannon

Download this cannon fire in the distance sound effect.

15. Bar Room

Download this tipsy, punchy effect.

16. Sword Fighting

Download this sword fight Foley sound effect.

Crowd SFX

17. Celebrating Crowd with Fireworks

Download this fireworks and crowd sound effect.

18. Intensive Clapping

Download this clapping sound effect.

19. Jeering Crowd

Download this crowd boos sound effect.

20. Crowd Cheers and Whistles

Download this cheering and whistling crowd sound effect.

21. Distant Screaming and Cheering

Download this distant screaming and cheering crowd sound effect.

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