Sounds of Thrones: The Sound FX of Ice and Fire

Can’t stop humming that Game of Thrones theme music? From Westeros to Essos, we’ve put together a sound guide to George R.R. Martin’s medieval fantasy that will instantly send your ears north of the wall. Curated from our Game of Thrones audio collection, these dramatic Foley effects and ambient sounds will help you bring terror and grit to your own fantastical projects.

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Across the Narrow Sea

Pay tribute to Khaleesi with powerful and dynamic dragon effects. From crackling flames to monstrous roars, use these Foley audio tracks in your next project to evoke fear and foreboding as danger lurks from the skies.

Dragon’s Breath

Download this fireball swoosh Foley effect.

Fiery Blaze

Download this heavy crackle flames sound effect.

Growling Dragon

Download this breathy monster voice audio track.

Wings in Flight

Download this large dragon flapping wings sound effect.

Near the Red Keep

Valar morghulis—all men must die! Hail to the Iron Throne with the sounds and environmental ambience of Kings Landing. The Lannisters may plot treason and murder inside the Red Keep, but beyond the castle walls the streets teem with conflict and riots. Create a full soundscape of the Westeroi capital with these tortured effects.

Jeering Crowd

Download this crowd boos sound effect.

Sword Fighting

Download this sword flight Foley effect.

Tortured Screaming

Download this male pain sequence audio track.

Shame Bell

Download this loud ship’s bell sound effect.

Angry Mob

Download this loud screaming crowd instigating a bar fight sound effect.

Beyond the Wall

A cold menace with hearts and blades of ice looms past the gates of Castle Black. Freeze your audiences with these White Walker-inspired sounds, including Foley tracks for deadened footsteps in the snow and the howling winds of the North.

White Walker Screaming

Download this monster demon horses scream sound effect.

Snowy Footsteps

Download this walking snow Foley effect.

Icy Winds

Download this howling polar wind ambient audio track.

Creeping Frost

Download this long ice freeze super power sound effect.

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