Explore Curated Podcast Music and Sound Effects

We often talk about how sound effects and music are central concerns for film editing—or even theatrical stage productions like “The Lion King” or J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”—but what about podcasts? If sound design is important in TV and film, then it’s even more paramount when the only tool for a story is audio.

Every podcaster needs a repertoire of music and audio to pull from in order to produce a professional product. With the right audio editing savvy and this audio toolkit, you’ll be able to greenlight your podcast in no time. Below you can explore some of our best podcast intro music tracks, podcast sound effects, and other background audio. All of these audio clips and more are available for download once you sign up for your Storyblocks subscription.

Podcast Intro and Outro Music

Well-suited podcast intro music for your program can be essential for both branding your show and for setting the scene. A fitting intro song provides the emotional grip or levity needed for developing a rapport with your listeners, while a strong outro track will round out the program and give your listeners narrative closure. Below are some of our favorite options for royalty-free intro music for your podcast—but of course there are many more in our music library.

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Soundscapes and Environmental Ambience

For stronger and more immersive storytelling, use ambient environmental tracks and soundscapes in your program’s sound mix. These distinct aural cues will engage your listeners as they build whole environments, from loud and crowded bars remote and wild destinations.

Download this park ambience sound effect.

Download this forest ambience audio track.

Download this tavern ambience sound effect.

Podcast Sound Effects

There’s a long and storied history of using audio effects in radio and broadcast programs, from the earliest “Lone Ranger” episodes to the continuing stunt-like spectacle of Foley sounds in “Prairie Home Companion” segments. Podcasters, too, are now harnessing the power of sound effects to enhance their projects, from the automated voice of a prison phone system in Sarah Koenig’s “Serial” to the technological buzzes and zaps of “Radiolab.” Check out some of our favorite sound effects for podcasts below.

Download this 35mm film projector starting sound effect.

Download this clock ticking sound effect.

Download this computer keyboard sound effect.

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