Our Halloween Collections Toolkit

It’s that time of the year again when ghouls, ghosts, and gore take over social media and movie theaters everywhere. Halloween has nestled its way into our hearts and our nightmares, and we’ve made it easier than ever to create a heart-pounding nightmare of your own. Our cauldron of Halloween stock videos, photos, and audio features all of the tricks and treats you need to make the most out of this year’s scare season. So if you’re a budding filmmaker looking to frighten your audience, or a career marketer in search of seasonal leverage, then our Halloween collection is your one-stop-shop for amazing content.

Horrifying Footage

Along with the Halloween season comes an increase of horror films—all of which try to bring your biggest fears right before your eyes. Whether it’s spiders, clowns, or zombies, the sheer sight of these ghouls is enough to send shivers up spines. With our collection of Halloween stock videos, you can send some shivers of your own in your next scary project.

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Hear the Fear

Sometimes the things you can’t see are just as scary as the things you can—the whistling of wind, the howl of a wolf, footsteps on a creaky floor. Audio has the horrifying power to create tension and make your audience squirm in their seats. Even the best jump scare wouldn’t be the same without that jarring strike or loud boom. Our collection of scary sound effects for your horror film will bring fear to your ears.

Download this horror film opening music.

Download this eerie breathing and scream sound effect.

Download this howling wind sound effect.

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Spooktacular Photos

Of course, Halloween doesn’t always have to be about scaring the living souls out of people. The other side of carving pumpkins, eating candy, and decorating in orange and black is just as enjoyable. Tailoring your marketing content to seasonal timeliness could make your advertisements the pumpkin spice latte of the ad world. So if you’re not into the scare business and just want some Halloween images for marketing and social media, then our stock photos and graphics are perfect for you.

Halloween stock videos
Download this image of a girl wearing Halloween makeup.

Halloween stock videos
Download this image of pumpkins.

Halloween stock videos
Download this haunted house vector.

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The Halloween collection features all the content you need to create something great this fall season. Whether you want to scare your audience or up your Halloween marketing strategy, take a stab at your next project with this scary good collection.