Building Your Brand as a Content Creator

As a content creator, growing your brand is one of the most important aspects of achieving success. Connecting with an audience, building a community of people who care about the type of content you release, and ultimately establishing a deeper connection with your audience is crucial.

A brand is not just your logo, your company name, or one video or photo shared; your brand is the feeling that someone gets when they think of your content. It’s your presence, your message, and your reputation. Your brand is your audience’s understanding of who you are. This is created over time through every single one of your posts, videos, photos, and interactions with your audience. 

To build a strong brand as a content creator, you want the personality of your content to be crystal clear. Is your content fun, trendy, and bold? If so, you don’t want to contradict those brand qualities by randomly showing up, as serious, bland, and reserved. Your brand’s personality traits should be consistently infused in all of your content. This includes your environment, content features, the colors and style of your content, the words you use, and if you’re on camera, your delivery.

Before creating every post or piece of content, consider how you want that content to make your audience feel. Do you want your audience to feel more educated after viewing your content? Entertained? Inspired? Whatever your plans are, create content with intention.

Creating consistent content will attract more people that align with your brand, and this builds a sense of familiarity and trust. With this trust comes loyalty and an audience that’s wanting more from you! Keep your brand’s personality traits and intention in mind and use them as a guide for every decision you make when producing content.

To build a brand, identifying who your target audience is, is necessary. Take the time to think about what they’re interested in and what predominantly brings them to your content. How can you continue to deliver value to them in future content? Also, consider incorporating secondary interests that your audience might have. For example, content creators in the filmmaking niche typically travel often. Filmmaking would be the main interest that attracts someone to the content, and second to that, the love of travel. So marrying these two interests would work well for a content creator in this niche.

You also want to understand how to attract people to your content. What value will you provide that will make someone want to see more from you? When you identify your brand’s intentions as a content creator, you will then be able to consistently create content that will attract a loyal audience. If someone looked at your youtube thumbnails or your Instagram grid, would they understand what your brand is about? To build your brand, you want it to make it easy for a target audience to understand your brand’s niche and the value your content provides.

Besides the primary platform that you share your content on, for example, YouTube, where else might your audience search for similar content? Instagram? TikTok? Pinterest? Is your audience spending their time reading forums and blogs to find more relatable content? Find out where else your audience seeks content and involve yourself in that community. Share your content to extend your reach, and be sure to engage by responding to comments and interacting with this new community to continue being consistent in your brand identity.

Building a brand is a long term game that will not happen overnight. Identifying what your brand represents, who your audience is within your niche, as well as how to structure content to target that audience will set you up for success as a content creator. To help connect an audience to your brand and build a successful brand as a content creator, be consistent, create clarity in your marketing, provide value-driven content, and always look for ways to extend your brand reach.

And there you go, those are key components to building your brand as a content creator! While your brand story and traits should come directly from you, don’t be afraid to seek help in creating your brand content and visuals. You can browse the Storyblocks libraries for stock footage, After Effects templates, title graphics, and music to establish consistency while making your editing process quicker and easier. 

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