Best royalty free music

Music taste is always changing, even when it comes to stock music. What’s popular one year can be out the next. And with a library of over 23,000+ unique tracks, there’s a lot to choose from. Which is why it’s always fun to see what songs end up being the most popular downloads for the year, whether they’re used for videos, podcasts, or other projects. This year’s tracks highlight how diverse our music selection is, spanning from epic rock to dramatic orchestral to ambient lo-fi. Listen to the best royalty free music below.

Best royalty free music tracks of the year

1. Aggressive Sport by Boomer

Epic – Rock

Download Aggressive Sport

2. Spring Children Story by MoodMode

R&B – Playful – Inspiring

Download Spring Children Story

3. Disconnected Saturn by Jayson Wayne Brown

Dark – Cinematic

Download Disconnected Saturn

4. Podcast Intro Beat by MoodMode

Inspiring – Playful – Hip Hop

Download Podcast Intro Beat

5. Epic Inspiration by Valentina Gribanova for Storyblocks Label

Cinematic – Epic – Classical

Download Epic Inspiration

6. Inspiring Story by Psystein

Epic – Playful – Cinematic

Download Inspiring Story

7. Jungle Boogie by MoodMode

Happy – Jazz – Inspiring

Download Jungle Boogie

8. Calmness by Valentina Gribanova

Chill Out – Ambient – Hip Hop

Download Calmness

9. Mysterious Invasion [Cinematic Trailer] by Volodymyr Piddunbnyk

Epic Cinematic Serious

Download Mysterious Invasion

10. Taiko Drum (Main) by Giuseppe Rizzo

Dark – Cinematic – World

Download Taiko Drum

Explore more royalty free music

These top 10 best royalty free music tracks just scratch the surface of what you’ll find in Storyblocks’ stock library. There’s over 23,000+ unique songs to choose from across 20 different genres, created by Grammy-winning artists and professional music