15 After Effects Templates for the Most Incredible Wedding Videos

Congratulations! If you just got engaged there’s probably a lot on your mind. Planning a wedding could have you in a tizzy—for example, who’s going to capture all the sweet adorable moments on the wedding day? If you’ve opted not to hire a videographer but still want a beautiful wedding video, we’ve gathered our favorite AE Templates for wedding videos to inspire or help complete your project.

Whether you are a professional videographer or using your point-and-shoot camera and home computer, we’ve made it easy to find and use our templates for your wedding video. Featuring styles and moods for every couple, we have thousands of templates ready to help showcase all those teary-eyed moments from that special day.

So pop open the champagne, get ready to relive the celebration with our top 15 most popular celebration After Effects templates.

1. AE Template: Christmas Love Stories 1

Download this Love Stories Template.

2. Wedding Memories

Download this Wedding Memories Template.

3. AE Template: Logo Intro Sequence

Download this Logo Intro Template.

4. After Effects CS4 Template: PhotoZone

Download this PhotoZone Template.

5. AE CS4 Template: Photo Intro

Download this Photo Intro Template.

6. AE CS5 Template: Wedding Album

Download this Wedding Album Template.

7. After Effects CS4 Template: Luxury Logo

Download this Luxury Logo Template.

8. After Effects CS4 Template: World Travel

Download this World Travel Template.

9. AE Template: Wedding 3

Download this Wedding 3 Template.

10. AE Template: Wall Writer

Download this Wall Writer template.

11. After Effects CS5 Template: Old Time Titles

Download this Old Titles Template.

12. Wedding Titles V 1

Download this Wedding Titles template.

13. After Effects CS5 Template: Memory Lane

Download this Memory Lane template.

14. After Effects CS5 Template: Digital Zoom

Download this Digital Zoom template.

15. After Effects CS5 Template: Love Leaks

Download this Love Leaks template.

Make sure to have your something old, something new—something borrowed, something blue, and a great wedding video with our fabulous AE Templates.

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