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Portrait of woman hiking in the forest

Create better video, faster than ever

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Bring your creative work to the next level with unlimited videos, templates, images, and audio to help you scale video creation and captivate your audience.

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Traditional stock sites limit content with a pay-per-clip model – Storyblocks gives you unlimited downloads to create more.

High-quality video & templates

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A cluster of four images. The first is a screenshot of the Storyblocks plugin within Premiere Pro. The second is the media type dropdown in the plugin. The third is an audio clip. The fourth at the top is the download progress bar.


Extended access to your Storyblocks library

Connect your creative tools for a smarter workflow from start to finish with access to your entire Storyblocks library directly in Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Unlimited in-app search, preview and downloads
Test and iterate on content from your project panel
Comprehensive coverage so you can create with confidence

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Advanced effects made simple

Easily add stunning visuals and advanced effects to your videos with ready-to-use After Effects, Premiere ProApple Motion, and DaVinci Resolve templates.

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A cluster of three images. The first photo is of a group of diverse people at a table.
                                 The second a city skyline. The third is water hitting a shoreline.


Scalable plans for organizations and creative teams

Streamline your team's workflow with unlimited stock downloads, iron-clad business licensing, and exclusive enterprise product features.

Seats for your entire team
Highest legal coverage in the industry

Create video at scale with Maker for Teams

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Grab your audience’s attention and get the views, clicks, and shares you want.

Two images. The first photo is a mid-shot of a man front-facing.
                                The Second is a photo of a woman in a dancing position.

Demand-driven library

We're always adapting to your needs and adding new content to our library to ensure that we are curating diverse, representative video, music and imagery from contributors around the world.

21% BIPOC representation in our people footage.

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Join 150,000+ creators & businesses worldwide who trust Storyblocks to bring their stories to life.

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Built for your budget

Choose a subscription plan that gives you everything you need to focus on creating - not worrying about budget.
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Options for companies large and small

Our content is covered by our royalty free license, with enhanced licensing coverage options for big companies and large productions.
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