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Fly over of a typical passover seder plate and Haggadah

Pan across a passover seder plate to the Haggadah

A jewish woman tells a story from a book at a table during a passover seder while a senior man pets a chihuahua in his lap.

A hand puts the finishing touches on a passover seder plate - dolly

Close up of a man's hand stirring and cooking matzah ball soup in a large pot with a spoon.

A group of friends and family pour champagne at dinner party or passover seder celebration.

A dog joins a person's lap at a social gathering as someone shares information or recounts an anecdote

Close up hand held puch-in and push-out of a senior man grinding black and white pepper with a mortar and pestle by hand next to fresh vegetables

A man making chopping liver in slow motion - close up push in

Hand held of a large group of people eating matzah with Charoset at a seder and talking and having a good time.

An elderly Jewish man removes cooked chicken livers and eggs from a pot with an younger man watching and learning how to prepare chopped liver for a passover seder dinner - hand held

An elder man explains the significance of Matzah at a passover seder - hand held

A man in his 60s rinses chicken in a large pot while a middle aged man helps him - hand held

Hand held of a group of people enjoying their dinner at a celebration such as a dinner party, family event, religious ceremony, or passover seder.

A large group of seniors eating at a dinner party or passover seder

Pan up of a large table as guests arrive to a passover seder including men wearing yarmulkes.

A large group of friends and family cheer with sparkling wine at a passover seder or jewish gathering

Slow motion fly over of a silver passover seder plate

Push in of a dinner table as guests arrive to a passover seder or dinner party.

A man adds and empties another pan of cooked chopped liver to a frying pan on a stovetop in slow motion

Homemade gefilte fish boiling in a large pot as it cooks for a passover seder - push in

Close up of food and then pull out to reveal an elderly man chopping fresh parsley with raw liver of a cutting board with a knife by hand in his kitchen.

A middle aged man peels a hard boiled egg while working beside an elder man in a home kitchen - pan up

Handheld of older father and son looking inside a pot at the food they have been preparing together in their kitchen for a family meal.

Slow motion of a typical passover seder plate

A man reads from a book (Haggadah) at a dinner table during a passover seder

An older father and son work together in a kitchen preparing a holiday meal in slow motion - push in

A large group of people sitting at a table pass dessert to each other

Close up of a man eating from a dinner plate including meat, potatoes, and rice

A wise Jewish woman shares the meaning of the kiddush cup at a Passover seder

A man making homemade matzo in a modern kitchen

People are served matzah ball soup at a dinner table during a passover seder

Close up of a cook adding ground pepper from a mortar and pestle to matzo ball mix for soup.

A middle aged man flips over homemade matzo in a wood fired oven while smiling in slow motion

A chihuahua licks a man's beard at a dinner table during a Passover seder

Close up of parsley herbs in a large pot of chicken soup for a passover seder

An elder shares a Passover tradition during a Seder, passing a small dog to another person.

Elderly person preparing liver with fresh ingredients in a modern kitchen

Slow motion of a man grinding pepper in a mortar and pestle

A person enjoying matzo ball soup at a festive dinner gathering

A man places home made matzah from a wooden paddle into a wood fired oven in slow motion

A fit active senior puts sprigs of herbs in a large pot of soup on a gas stove in slow motion

Close up of a chef's knife finely chopping fresh dill on a yellow cutting board

An older Jewish man stirs a large pot of soup with herbs in it on a gas stove in slow motion

A man chops food in his kitchen shot from behind

A fit elderly man stirs matzo ball mix through a window with a wooden spoon

A baby boomer man peels hard boiled eggs in his modern kitchen in slow motion

A man uses a meat cleaver to chop cooked chicken liver in slow motion for a passover seder dinner.