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Portrait of confident woman advocating for gender equality and feminism

Young Person Voting in 2020 Election for Democratic Candidate

Protest leader advocating for gender equality with diverse demonstrators. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Voting for Elizabeth Warren Democractic Presidential Candidate 2020

African American Woman Portait

Polish Women Strike Over Abortion Ban During Coronavirus Outbreak. Warsaw, Poland, October 28, 2020.

Rised clenched fists Fight for Right. Protesters raising arms during fight for right demonstration. Crowd raising hands with clenched fists on sunburst background. Political demonstration concept

The problem of woman

Group of initiative young women with empowerment posters and banners fighting for gender equality during demonstration protest on street

Medium slowmo portrait of four multiethnic female plant workers supporting feminist movement posing for camera indoors with demonstrational poster and mouthpiece

Young Person Voting for Joe Biden in 2020 Presidential Election

African American Woman Voter

Cropped view of hands holding banner with text Woman Life Freedom. Iranians and their supporters protesting. Berlin, Germany in October 2022

Crowd of people on announced huge rally. Sunny autumn day. People with Iran flags and banners. Berlin, Germany in October 2022

Medium slowmo portrait of group of young ethnically diverse female activists with cardboard banners with feminist symbols and slogans on them posing for camera at industrial factory

Young Person Votes Absentee Ballot at Home

Live camera, crowd of people with feminism banners on strike. Portrait of Caucasian men and women with anti-sexism posters shouting and shaking placards. Riot for women rights. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Medium shot of four determined ethnically diverse feminists working together at industrial plant having protest demonstration at workplace, shouting slogans in mouthpiece and carrying strike poster

Human fists raised up fight for right on beige brown background. National movement for human right. Stop racism national discrimination. Social and political unrest. National strike marching concept

Young Woman With Voting Sticker: American Citizen & Democracy Election

slow motion women's rights concept

Women in Business

Businesswomen Reported a Good News

Women in Business

Woman Voting Absentee Ballot

Violence against women

Ottawa, Canada: Anti Abortion Pro Life Rally, Protesters at Canadian Parliament In Front Of Flame 2

Look a young woman


red infected People diversity and difference leadership group concept animation with alpha channel

Vertical slowmo shot of unrecognizable group of initiative active feminists demonstrating posters and banners while going on protest together