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Mixed Race Woman Staring Out Of Window

Man and woman having a conversation at coworking space. Woman attentively listening, man passionately sharing in office.

Sad, senior woman sitting on the porch in garden, 4K

Confused woman thinking for a solution to her problems

Surprised lady wondering smartphone at home closeup. Excited girl reading mobile phone message saying wow at sofa living room. Happy shocked woman touching head cant believe at great news zoom on

woman narrow eyes looking aside


Woman Having An Idea, Girl Having A Flash Of Insight Epiphany

A thoughtful young woman gazes into the distance, deep in thought

Confused woman coming up with a solution to her problem


Worried Woman Concerned With Problems close up

Serene woman strolling on beach at sunset, filmed in slow motion

Thoughtful woman on the bridge

Amazed lady zooming fingers screen at home web camera view. Surprised woman face trying new internet application wondering technologies. Interested girl hands touching display using social media alone

Skeptical woman face expression. Portrait of ironic girl with critical expression. Serious person with suspicion emotion. Close up of thoughtful girl face looking with doubt on white background


Pensive Girl Thinking While Rubbing Hand In Face. Thoughtful Woman Reflecting On Memory

Woman In Studio Saying I Don't Know

Woman enjoying scenic view from window while drinking water

Surprised Spouses watching tablet screen sitting on sofa in living room close up

Thoughtful woman coming up with a great idea

Sad, worried woman sitting on the bed

Young, sad woman sitting on the beach, super slow motion


Amazed Woman Talking To Webcam During Video Call

Beautiful, pensive woman drinking orange juice sitting in cafe in the city

One Young Thoughtful Middle Eastern Woman Standing In City Street Outside During Sunset Time Serious Arab Adult Girl In 20 S

A thoughtful young woman ponders, gazing into the distance

Morning Delight: Embracing the Sunrise in a Cozy Bedroom

Thoughtful Pensive Girl Observing The City At Night Woman Looking And Wondering About Life 2

Confused woman thinking for a solution to her problems

Wondering Woman on Green background

Skeptical Caucasian woman looking at camera on green background.

Thoughtful woman practicing mindfulness in urban setting

Pensive Woman In Doubt Wondering About Solution

Relaxed woman enjoying garden view, 4K

Thoughtful woman on the tram ride

Woman Sighs Wondering About Problems, Person Thinking About Solution

Caucasian woman looking up on green background

Impatient woman checking time on wristwatch

Closeup woman hands making massage to man at coworking. Shocked man asking to stop harassment at workplace

Sad, serious woman looking at camera in cafe

pensive woman looking at cityscape in the evening lightst HD

Long haired woman takes a photo with a smartphone in her hands

Thoughtful woman enjoying solitude on balcony

female farmer and chef workers

Portrait of Serious And Upset Mixed Race Girl

Confused african american woman over white background

Supportive Partner Reaching To Woman Suffering From Anxiety And Regret Outdoors Compassionate Boyfriend Wondering What Is Wrong With Girlfriend

Sad self isolated woman wearing protective face mask leaning against window

A joyful woman in yellow jacket plays with a big white Komondor dog, both enjoying a sunny spring day outdoors