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4K Hyperlapse Sequence of Monaco, France - First person hyperlapse of the royal neighbourhood Monaco during a sunny day

New homeowners embracing in their new apartment, symbolizing moving in and starting fresh.

Woman Feeling Freedom

Shadows of argued couple sitting back to back as male silhouette passing and woman leaving man. Unrecognizable boyfriend and girlfriend breaking up in sunlight outdoors. Slow motion.

Rear View Of Couple With Luggage Leaving Home For Vacation

Sad And Depressed Woman Crying For Domestic Violence And Abuse

woman coming to a positive conclusion

Two People Seeking Each Other Missing Being to Late Leaving

Loving daughter embraces parents before trip. Portrait of charming girl with luggage.

Humorous separation in young family. Partner packing clothes and leaving apartment. Woman celebrating with a smile

Young man with bouquet of roses at porch. Woman refusing flowers, pushing partner away. Relationship challenges.

The passengers go out of the airplane

Caucasian man leaves woman alone on bench by lake. Guy walks away, lady sits outdoors. Relationship challenges.

Slow motion shot of young professional at airport check-in counter, exchanging documents and departing

No face footage of unrecognizable heterosexual couple throwing clothes in anger while fighting them woman taking off wedding ring, putting it at kitchen table and leaving home

a glamorous Asian woman walks in an expensive hotel with great confidence

Full shot of actors and actresses rehearsing a scene in a theater

Family Problems With Father Drinking And Mother Crying With Daughter

Young man dancing and enjoying outdoor time after studying at university

Parents And Daughter With Luggage Opening Door And Leaving Home For Vacation

African father says goodbye to daughter and leaving with suitcase

1930 period travelers leaving the train 4k

Cinematic shot of couple backpacker in Asia leaving a native homestay at morning


Mother Meeting Son at Train Station Talking Together after a long time

Unrecognizable woman leaving with travel bag as sad frustrated blurred man sitting on bed holding head in hands. Wife girlfriend walking away with suitcase breaking up with husband boyfriend.

Couple separated from each other by window and woman leaving

Close-up of male hand taking female palm and helping woman to stand up. Unrecognizable man taking care of friend during hiking tour in sunny summer forest. Group of people leaving.

Caring partner assisting loved one at restaurant. Portrait of joyful couple relaxing at outdoor cafe.


Two People Seeking Each Other Missing Being to Late Leaving

Confrontation between couple escalates at home


Young woman returning home

People going away from the movie theater. Low angle shot of people walking downstairs at the cinema. Teens leaving the auditorium after the end of the film

Parents And Children Opening Front Door And Leaving Home Together

Unidentified person shoplifting groceries, blurred man shopping in background.

Smiling couple strolling together in the city

FESTIVE VIBES. Friends joyfully leave holiday gathering in red car with Christmas tree on top, captured in slow motion.


Business partners entering the facade elevator. Stock clip. Two young men in elevator, close up communication.

Male hand opening hotel room door and couple of tourists passing with travel bag. Unrecognizable Caucasian adult man and woman arriving for vacations at resort leaving.

Satisfied couple leaving hotel with travel bag. Woman and man walking to reception desk in high-class lobby. Luxury, lifestyle, tourism, richness.

Intense Couple Conflict Man Under Pressure From Partner While Woman Discusses Relationship In Background Leaving Him Depressed And Frustrated

Confident man in sunglasses greeting friends on city street. Portrait of elegant guy meeting with fellows on sunny summer day on break.

Businessman getting on elevator but starting to run when scary brain-eating zombies come out of it. Office person leaving work but bizarre nightmarish looking monsters get in way and chasing him.

Cinematic shot of happy smiling business colleagues in formal apparel are walking satisfied with their work after leaving the offices. Concept of corporate, company, success, cooperation, teamwork.

Family With Luggage Opening Door And Leaving Home For Vacation

Girl walking down dark tunnel

Confident businessman discussing partnership in office lobby with coworkers.

Senior Couple With Suitcase Opening Front Door And Leaving For Vacation

View From Outside Vehicle As Group Of Senior Friends Drive Car To Vacation Destination