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Top view of cashier serving customers in supermarket, scanning and weighing grocery products

Fish market in Myanmar. Local merchants sell the fish. Food market. Unsanitary conditions on the market. Dirty food market.

Male hands throwing cherry tomatoes on electronic scales for weighing making a new recipe for cooking dietary salad. Healthy food, slow motion

Cafe activities, weighing of roasted coffee beans on the kitchen electronic scales. Barista pours and weights roasted coffee beans on the kitchen electronic scales, on a large oak table.

Top view of cashier weighing and scanning goods on conveyor belt at supermarket

Weight check. Man weights one hundred kilogram

Tarakan, Indonesia.0715 2022: Two Indonesian men weighing a basket of fish at a fish market in Tarakan, Indonesia at July 15,2022


Closeup of barefoot woman using digital scales and checking her weight. Female feet step on floor scales. Concept of dieting, loosing weight

Checking the weight on a scale

Agricultural industry. Loader weighing packaged carrots

Tarakan, Indonesia. 0716 2022: an Indonesian fruits vendor weighting fruits on digital weight scales

Male staff weighing papaya on weighing machine 4k


Close up Supermarket visitor weighs bananas using scales in supermarket. A guy in a plaid shirt uses a scale to weigh bananas while shopping

Fitness and healthy food. Concept

Electronic scales in the supermarket, customer - old woman - weighs the grapes in vegetable department

Woman stepping onto scale

Weighing flour on a scale. Female hands pour flour from a paper bag into a transparent bowl of kitchen scales. Preparing to prepare the dough. Ingredients for making homemade bread dough

The pregnant woman standing on scales at home in the bedroom. Close-up. 6k.

Weight scale weighing a sack with waste.

Tarakan, Indonesia. 07 13 2022: Two Indonesian men weighing a basket of fish at a fish market in Tarakan, Indonesia.

Unhappy Overweight Woman Weighing Herself On Scales


guy with curly hair in a shirt weighs ananas using scales in a supermarket while shopping in a grocery store

Ice Cream Production Factory - weighing on the Weights

Close-up of barefoot female legs in sporty legging stepping on weighing scale in domestic room. Low section of healthy lifestyle black female checking her weight on digital scale after weight loss.

HIKKADUWA, SRI LANKA - FEBRUARY 2014: Local man weighing groceries at Hikkaduwa market. Hikkaduwa Sunday market is known for its wide range of supplies.


Domestic Cat Using Litter Box in a Modern Home. Cat toilet.


Happy guy with curly hair in a plaid shirt weighs bananas using scales in a supermarket while shopping in a grocery store

Electronic scale in zero waste grocery store to weight bulk items and fresh organic locally grown produce. Farmers market selling food

A man steps on scale to weigh himself

Young Asian woman weighing fresh apples in eco-bag at supermarket

Cat sniffing round vacuum cleaner and walking away indoors. Portrait of fluffy pet smelling automated robot sweeper strolling in living room.

Woman using kitchen scales to weigh flour. Baking cupcakes in the kitchen.

Young woman weighing broccoli in her stylish kitchen

Drug dealer weighing a drug on a digital scale. Hand weighing of powder on electronic kitchen scale. Measuring food ingredient.

Fitness food. Vegetables, fruits and other products

Woman in a supermarket takes frozen products from the freezer and puts them in her red shopping basket. Muslim woman in hijab with red shopping basket buys frozen products in supermarket for dinner

Woman comparing apple and cake in studio. Making healthy food choice for weight loss. Diet concept.

Sale of fish on the local market. Trade in seafood.

Woman buying and weighing the oranges in modern supermarket

woman standing on a bathroom scale

Graceful bird sipping water from a bowl. Majestic creature at the zoo.

Butcher weighing meat in butchers shop 4k

Man with shopping trolley weighing fruits on the scales in the supermarket

Couple measuring weight on scale

Man weighing food on self-service scale in supermarket

Woman weighing items with electric scales in the supermarket

A girl in a supermarket weighs bananas before buying.

Unrecognizable cook weighing raw dough on scales in kitchen. Professional Caucasian male chef cooking bakery or pizza in restaurant or cafe indoors. Cuisine and occupation concept.