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Businessmen signing papers at table. Men shake hands near flags. Common goals in politics. Work of US government.

Washington DC traffic with the US capitol hill building in the background

Closeup of the US Capitol Hill with an American flag and autumn leaves in the foreground

Department of Treasury in Washington DC - Banking, Economy and Federal Reserve Concept


Serious President of the United States gives inspirational political speech in the White House. Senior US government representative speaks


News anchor reports breaking news live from US government building. Female reporter leads broadcast for political television program from


Female minister or republican politician gives political speech for media and television news. US government official speaks at press

American Flags Flying at Base of Washington Monument

IRS Building, US Government Department in Washington

United States Supreme Court Judicial Branch Government Building

Plane Flying Over Lincoln Memorial

US Government Department Of Labor Building Sign in Washington, D.C.

Earth Day Demonstration In Us Capitol

Panning Across Large White Columned Building Washington DC

A panning shot of the roof of the Supreme Court of the United States with iconic statues and the line "equal justice under law"

Washington Monument Seen From US Capitol Building

Washington Monument and Reflecting Pool at Night

Earth Day Protest In Front Of Us Capitol

Earth Day Parade In Washington Dc

View of buildings facade with many windows. Action. City street with old houses on a cloudy sky background.

Close Up Of Young Generation Environmentalists

Climate Change Rally For Green Future

Climate Justice Signs For Global Warming

End The Era Of Fossil Fuels Sign At Earth Day Rally For Global Warming

Sustainable Environment Signs Protesting Fossil Fuel Economies

Climate Change Demonstration Rally In Washington Dc

Climate Protest In Front On Us Government Capitol

Protesters March For Renewable Energy Parade In Washington Dc

Colorful Trees in Washington DC Park