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Talented artists showcasing a passionate dance.

Young woman gracefully dances in a Spanish-inspired outfit with a flowing black lace skirt

Couple practicing dance moves in ballet studio

Two professional artists dancing Latin American dance in city garden. Graceful woman moving with passionate man in slow motion. Partners performing sensual movements in park.

Street dancers performing Latin American style choreography in city park. Professional performers practicing energetic moves. Smiling woman spinning hips in dance.

Professional couple performing passionate dance in nature

Elegant bachata dance performance by diverse men in ballroom

09. 05. 2018, Ukraine, Kiev. People dancing on the stage outdoor during day. Crowd of people dancing, hanging out on holidays.

Many couples dance the tango in the ballroom. XIII World Dance Olympiad 2016 in Moscow.

Graceful woman showcasing her dance moves

Traditional music Street Performers, playing some instruments on a Samba, Brazilian street Musical Festival in the summer. 4K

Energetic couple dancing tango on a cloudy summer day. Emotional woman and elegant man by the ocean. Performers practicing Latino dance in slow motion.

Unknown Dance Couple Performing Latin American Choreography on Cloudy Embankment. Elegant Partner Dancing in Slow Motion.


Traditional Dance Performance on Stage

Salsa dancing pair of professional elegant dancers

Vibrant slow motion footage of people dancing joyfully at a Latin American festival

Knee-up shot of elegant couple dancing tango during private dinner date at home, beside Christmas tree


Group of young people dancing energetically in a room with colorful lighting and a white backdrop, showcasing movement and fun.

Talented artists showcasing a passionate dance.

Medium slowmo of diverse couple of dancers dancing dynamic and sensual bachata in spacious mirrored dance studio

Elegant dance in a vintage room: Spinning and twirling in a beautiful lace dress

Medium slowmo of charismatic Hispanic man giving expressive ballroom dance class to group of students in spacious studio

Medium slowmo of expressive male salsa dance teacher giving lesson to diverse group of students during choreography class indoors

Dancers practicing Latin American choreography by the sea. Focused brunette dancing with professional partner. Passionate tango outdoors.


Three young adults in stylish outfits and face masks performing a dance in a room with colorful neon lights

Partners performing Latin dance at scenic pier. Woman in blue dress showcasing graceful moves near skilled dancer. Young couple dancing passionately by the coast.

Talented instructor teaching Latin dance to students in a spacious studio

A group of senior people attending dancing class with dance teacher.


Blurred motion of three people dancing at a party with colorful lighting and white backdrop, wearing masks

A couple gracefully dancing a waltz, surrounded by cityscape and sunlight. 4k ultra HD slow motion.

Dance element from the ballroom-sport program

People dancers dance tango. Kyiv. Ukraine

Dance club. Sequence

Couple dancing in the yard. Romantic dinner by candlelight.

People dancers dance tango. Kyiv. Ukraine

Legs of two professional dancers doing a Latino dance and having fun at a dance party event in the street slow motion.

Many couples dance the tango in the ballroom. XIII World Dance Olympiad 2016 in Moscow.

Couples dancing Boogie woogie rock-n-roll. Dance competitions, slow-motion

Multiracial male ballroom dancers in mirrored studio

Concentrated and hard-working ballerina is rehearsal dancing motions in a dark room. She is preparing for performance on a theater scene

Close-up of legs of dancing couples in ballroom. Slow motion.

Amazing plastic woman is doing dancing steps in a gloomy room. She is lifting legs and swaying her skirt in rotating

woman with red lips dancing tango in the gym in front of the mirror

Woman Dancing Eclectic Dance, Modern And Traditional Tango

People dancers dance tango. Kyiv. Ukraine

Ballet dancers performing contemporary dance. Passion and beauty of dance. Checkered windows backdrop.

Close-up of Musician's hand playing accordion keys. Young person playing the accordion. Accordion performance.

Medium slowmo of happy multiethnic ballroom dance team taking selfie portrait with gold prize cup after winning dance championship