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Black Woman Shaking Finger In Negation Person Saying No With Hand

African American man showing forefinger raised, attention sign on black background. Guy holding hand up close-up.

Portrait of displeased african man waving finger no on light background. Closeup serious guy showing negative gesture. Upset model posing with disappointed face expression in studio.

Young man gesturing STOP to camera, denying proposition

Emotional irritated man crossing hands and saying No, shaking head as denial and rejection, blue studio background.

Silence gesture close up. Asian businessman putting finger to his mouth showing secret expression


young woman doing stop hand gesture and talking. Annoyed girl doing firm halt sign gesturing, wishing to end concept, isolated over blue

Young man showing gesture of refusal, shaking head. Posing on neutral background. Close up, copy space.

Man doing a gesture of disgust

Serious elderly man frowns making stop gesture in studio


Focused woman making a stop gesture with her hand, blurred background, concept of setting boundaries or denial.

Soldier in military uniform showing peace sign with Ukrainian flag in background.

Portrait of a young man on a grey background. Guy with red hair posing, showing a hand gesture. Handsome redhead in a casual t-shirt.

Mixed Race Woman Saying Stop With Hand Showing Restriction

A businessman holding a stop sign on laptop on a Green Screen, Chroma Key

Confident man making gesture on green screen. Handsome guy signaling stop. Defense or restriction.

Asian administrator showing stop sign with palm raised in studio, presenting negative symbol and expressing disapproval. Woman receptionist

Close-up male hand with blurred Caucasian LGBT man at yellow background. Unrecognizable queer person showing stop gesture. Inequality and intolerance concept.

Boy shows the inscription STOP on his palm

Pretty African-American denies offer with gestures on blue

A hand flicks. Close and wide options over green and black. With matching luma matte.

African American Expressing Disapproval by Pointing Finger Towards Camera

Displeased young lady shows refuse gestures on blue background


Asian Male Doctor With Stethoscope Making Stop Gesture While Standing On Green Screen Background In The Hospital

Black businessman refusing money. Bribery on blank background. You should think twice. No more dirt.

Woman Showing Stop Sign in rejection

Hand giving thumbs down gesture

woman with curly long hair dressed white shirt shakes head showing hand gesture no Isolated on Green Screen


Close-up of young man holding out hand in air. Stock. Man with arm outstretched in air in forest. Man mysteriously stretches out hand in air

Man points finger to himself and refuses to participate

Filipino woman showing stop sign with palm, advertising negativity and no symbol on camera. Female model wearing formal attire in studio

Assertive Gesture: Disagreeing with a Suggestion

Young woman performs playful gesture with a wink

A green screen close up view of a male caucasian hand doing a flicking motion. Several options.

Disagreeing Woman Makes Stop Gesture in Denial on Blue Background

Pretty Young Confident Woman Cosmetologist Doctor In White Coat And Blue Gloves, posing at modern light beautician office, showing stop

Determined Lady Gesturing Stop Shaking Head Expressing Disapproval, Yellow Background

Close up view of the hands of senior old nervous man in trouble. Man rubbing his hands and demonstrating stress, anger, irritation. Grandfather is in bad mood

Annoyed african american girl waving finger to refuse at brown wall background

Portrait of a Surprised Woman Rejecting, Emotions Concept

Happy mature senior man shows his palm as stop gesture sign. Isolated on green.

Middle eastern guy doing stop gesture with palm, expressing negativity and refusal in studio. Young male model presenting rejection, being

Determined woman in green sweater, showing STOP hand sign

Unhappy man giving denial gesture

Businessman showing stop sign with hand, close-up


Close-up of young man holding out hand in air. Stock. Man with arm outstretched in air in forest. Man mysteriously stretches out hand in air


Vegan person showing a stop sign with his palm while he carries a bag full of groceries from local farmers market. Young adult restricting


A woman with long hair, dressed in a suit, extends her arm to the side in an attempt to stop a car while standing with a baby stroller outdoors in the courtyard of an apartment complex. The woman looks at the camera and walks away with the stroller.