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Light Bulb icon idea concept animation loop motion graphics video transparent background with alpha channel

Creative team working on new project with many sticky notes on window. 20s 4k

Authentic young woman working from home on school project or startup idea. Restless night shift, insomnia, and idea development. Empowering independent concept.

Focused Middle Eastern startuper in wheelchair discussing business idea online


Business meeting in office, team of marketing professionals discussing project. Young male boss explaining new strategy of company, showing


Business Training For Businesswomen, Lady Financial Expert Presenting Business Idea For Investors


Business Idea Presentation For Investors, Adult Woman Demonstrating Startup Idea For Colleagues

Professional colleagues discussing business strategy in office. Business people working with planning board. Entrepreneurs discussing startup plan on planning board. Business man present business idea


Young Businessman Developing Strategy Of New Startup And Business Idea, Working With Laptop In Cafe

Team Leader Explaining his Business Idea. Subordinates Listening to Director. Group of Business People Sitting around the Table. Working on Start up. Making Notes in their Tablets, Computers.

Side view worried Middle Eastern men talking gesturing standing on sunny city street outdoors. Anxious successful businessmen discussing project planning business idea. Negotiations and startups.

Creative woman presenting business idea to colleagues at meeting, holding up house model


Brainstorming in office, business meeting of creative marketing group, vertical video. Team of professional designers and marketing

Innovative entrepreneur sharing ideas with creative team. Planning and brainstorming for new innovations.

Young man thinking looking away sitting on bed with Canadian flag at background. Portrait of thoughtful Caucasian freelancer startuper planning business idea in home office.

Interracial couple discussing project in garden

A multi racial group of millennials plan a business idea on paper together, collaborating and brainstorming - overhead shot slow motion

Ambitious coworkers brainstorming innovative business ideas

Portrait of thoughtful young man planning business idea on city street


Three Businesspeople Meeting In Coffee Shop In Morning To Discuss Business Idea, Medium Portrait

Group of confident Caucasian coworkers in coronavirus face masks discussing business idea in office. Positive professional colleagues brainstorming in meeting room on Covid-19 pandemic.

Portrait of young professional manager presenting business idea to colleagues in modern office

Pensive entrepreneur planning business idea at home office

Colleagues supporting young professional presenting business idea on tablet. Smiling team endorsing coworker in office.

Colleagues discussing business idea outdoors in slow motion

Successful African American Entrepreneur Celebrating Business Achievement


Startup Owner Discussing Business Idea With Businesspersons And Investors, Business Meeting In Cafe

Colleagues discussing business ideas in the office

Focused African American couple discussing business idea in home office. Analyzing online data in bedroom. Lockdown.

Experienced analyst discussing business idea in virtual conference from home office

All women entrepreneurs working on their startup business idea together in an open collaborative startup setting


Business Meeting Of Startup Owner And Investors In Coffee Shop, Young Man Presenting Business Idea on laptop

Successful Businessman Planning Business Idea in Home Office

Creative Asian man brainstorming on couch with laptop. Portrait of inspired millennial planning business project indoors.

Confident businessman discussing business idea outdoors with sunrays in background

Medium portrait shot of young male Caucasian freelancer in beanie hat sitting on couch in coworking, drinking coffee and using smartphone, and team discussing business idea in background

Confident Middle Eastern man presenting business idea online in video chat

Young woman working on laptop as colleague enters garage. Freelancers planning business idea.


Portrait Of Successful Businesswoman Presenting Business Idea In Business Meeting With Colleagues

Colleagues discussing business idea in office with diverse team.

Focused young man in face mask thinking on e-business idea in home office. Concentrated intelligent businessman planning strategy on coronavirus.

Confident woman explaining business idea, gesturing. Portrait of successful manager persuading investors from home office.

Tablet in hands of African American busy man scrolling touchscreen in slow motion. Unrecognizable intelligent guy surfing Internet standing on urban city street outdoors.


Young Woman Demonstrating Startup And Business Idea For Investors, Business Meeting In Boardroom

Close up of a hand of a businesswoman wearing a black suit drawing a business idea sketch on a blackboard. 20s 4k.

Focused man writing in sketchpad as woman walks in background, planning business idea.


Mixed-Race Businesswoman Presenting Startup And Business Idea To Investors And Partners In Office


A white wire cable with a yellow light bulb concept animation with alpha channel