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Night sky time-lapse go the stars moving across the sky including shooting stars.

Star time lapse over Lake Powell as airplanes move through the sky with reflection in the water.


Traveling in the time tunnel. Portal for space time. Full HD. 4K

Evening city. Action. Huge tall evening buildings located next to the river and everything is lit with lanterns.

Star timelapse following the galaxy as stars spin in the sky from Swasey's Beach looking towards Gunnison Butte in Utah.

Night sky in the mountains, time-lapse

Circumpolar startrail timelapse shot in Isle of Pines, New Caledonia, Southern hemisphere

Day to night timelapse, Wadaou Bay, Isle of Pines. Stars and Milky Way Galaxy.

Starry sky time lapse of the Milky Way

The Milky Way Galaxy moving over the mountain ridge in Italian Alps. Starry night in the mountains Time lapse. Milky way galaxy stars moving over countryside with cloud on the horizon.

Timelapse of stars moving through the sky at night with shooting stars and other objects zipping through the atmosphere.

Star time lapse of the Milky Way in the sky over Wasatch mountain range as clouds fade away in Utah over Timpanogos.

Time lapse of the milky way moving through the sky in Utah as airplane, meteors, satellites, and shooting stars zip through the sky.

Look Up At The Beautiful Starry Sky And The Milky Way Universe

Palm with Coconuts and Full Moon on Night Sky. Speed up.

Time-lapse of growing, opening and rotating white Peruvian (Alstroemeria) lily 1a3 in UHD 4K format with ALPHA transparency channel isolated on black background

Moon Halo on night sky - glowing light around the moon, timelapse 4k

Star Time Lapse, Milky Way Galaxy Moving Across The Night Sky On Chiloe Island In Chile

Milky way time lapse over people camping and driving through the forest as smoke from forest fire moves over the horizon.

Time lapse of Lyman Lake at night with the Milky Way

Sunrise Time Lapse: Trees, Mist, and the Changing Climate

Milky Way over Mountains of Mont Blanc Massif. Switzerland. Starry Sky. Night Landscape. Time Lapse

Night Sky over Ama Dablam and Taboche Mountains. Himalaya, Nepal. Timelapse

Beautiful night sky with milky way and stars over mountains, timelapse 4k

Hollywood Sign Clouds Time-lapse

Moonset in Serra Del Montsec, Pyrenees, Spain

Night sky Milkyway star time lapse with silhouette palm trees - Magellanic cloud

Trees silhouetted against the night sky during timelapse of the milky way viewing the galaxy core.

Dallas Downtown Seen From Texas Star Ferris Wheel 01

Day to stars time lapse at Kuto Bay, Isle of Pines. Columnar pine trees. Copy space.

The camping tent by sunset (sunrise) background

4K time-lapse: Stunning sunset over field and trees. Dramatic cloud colors. Day to night transition.

Time lapse of stars over campsites by water at Lake Powell as airplanes move through the sky.

Dark to light time lapse of the Milky Way moving across the sky as the moon rises and lights up the landscape to look like day time.

Camping in tent on nature at travel under Milky Way stars at night

Time Lapse of the Milky Way Crossing the Night Starry Sky with Shooting Stars. Vertical Video

Silhouette of palm tree against Milky Way Galaxy over Isle of Pines, vertical

Primal Earth Images Castlepoint Star Trails Reflections 4 K Stock

Monument Valley Night Timelapse

Time-lapse of resurrection dried up coral Peony 2c1-rev in PNG+ format with ALPHA transparency channel isolated on black background, time reverse

Star timelapse as milky way fades into the landscape in the desert as Gunnison Butte is silhouetted against the sky in Utah.

Pan To Clouds Over Rocks

Time-lapse of rotating and growing rose Miss Piggy bouquet 2x1 with ALPHA transparency channel isolated on black background

Time-lapse of opening white and yellow narcissus Bridal Crown 2e1 in PNG+ format with ALPHA transparency channel isolated on black background

Wide Blue Sky Sun And Clouds Time Lapse

Time-lapse of opening purple with yellow iris 1a1w in PNG+ format with ALPHA transparency channel isolated on white background

Night Sky over Ama Dablam Mountain. Himalaya, Nepal. Timelapse. Vertical Video

Time-lapse of growing, opening and rotating pure white with yellow iris 3b3 in RGB + ALPHA matte format isolated on black background