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Spray bottle spraying water droplets in slow motion.

Slow Motion Spray Bottle

Spray bottle given several squirts blue background

Close-up of female hand in orange protective glove holding spray bottle with chemical cleaning liquid during spring cleanup in domestic interior. Housekeeping woman spraying detergent indoors.

A man sprays water from a spray bottle on a black background, close-up, slow motion

Urban Artists Creating Colorful Graffiti: Slow Motion.

Spray bottle given several squirts green background

An Angry Young Female Housewife in Headphones and Yellow Protective Rubber Gloves is Talking to Someone While Cleaning the Table. Cleaning

A man sprays water from a spray bottle on a black background, close-up, slow motion

Hands Wearing Yellow Rubber Gloves in the Kitchen. Young Woman Ready for Cleaning. Hygiene and Safety Protocols.

Male chef cleaning worktop in kitchen 4k

Cleaning lady holding spray bottle and rag. Portrait of cheerful confident maid in professional uniform holding rag and cleaning spray. Checkered window background.

Woman's hand spraying houseplant from sprayer bottle. Indoor plants care.

Young farmer tending to strawberry plants in greenhouse

black woman in protective rubber gloves cleaning cupboard glass with spray detergent and sponge , wiping dust using microfiber cloth while making housekeeping in domestic kitchen.


Close up view of Gardener spraying potted plant with red flowers in greenhouse. People and professions concept

Cropped shot of hands of female farm worker watering strawberry plants with spray bottle in greenhouse

Cheerful African American woman finishing housekeeping , taking off gloves and checking cleanliness of kitchen table surface with finger, expressing satisfaction and positivity after cleanup

Overworked lovely black woman sitting on floor, being tired and exhausted , removing protective gloves and relaxing after finishing housekeeping chores and cleanup in domestic room.

Portrait of concentrated black woman in protective gloves doing household chores, cleaning kitchen cabinet using spray detergent and rag while making spring cleanup in domestic kitchen.

African American woman in protective rubber gloves doing household chores, cleaning electric cooktop from grease using spray detergents and sponge in domestic kitchen.

Slow motion footage as a man applies chemical solution to a mattress's surface, followed by the dry-cleaning of upholstered furniture using a spray bottle for thorough sanitation.

Coffee shop man owner working with face mask and gloves, cleaning and disinfecting tables.

Talented artist creating street art with aerosol paint

Coffee shop woman owner working with face mask and gloves, cleaning and disinfecting tables.

Happy african single parent family in protective gloves with sponges and rags doing household chores together in domestic kitchen , wiping floor using detergent, expressing unity and positive mood.

Young woman painting graffiti or mural on wall with brush, close-up. Clip. Painter performing street art. Close-up on hands of a painter

Beautiful female hairdresser lays out hairdressing tools on a work table with a mirror while standing in a fashionable hairdressing salon. Slow motion.

Friends Practice Safe Hygiene: Hand Sanitizing, Disinfecting, and Virus Protection

sprayed plants from a spray bottle details care for houseplant close up slow motion

Slowmo close-up of unrecognizable female hand of gardener watering marigold flowers with spray bottle in greenhouse

details care for houseplant person watering green foliage of flower from a spray bottle close up slow motion

A young person tends to plants in a home greenhouse. Slow motion.

Side stab midsection shot of unrecognizable man taking care of house plants on windowsill spraying water with spray bottle at home

Selective focus shot of elderly nurseryman in straw hat smiling and watering plants with spray bottle

Cleaning company workers clean the windows in the office using detergent. Washing windows with a spray bottle. Cleaning products, house

Mother and daughter cleaning kitchen floor together

Side stab closeup of spraying house plants leaves with spray bottle at home

Side stab close up of hands with spray bottle irrigating foliage of house plant on windowsill at home

sprayed plants indoor person watering green foliage of flower from a spray bottle close up slow motion

Person unpacking a box of groceries and cleaning each food item by wiping it down with a disposable disinfecting wipe to prevent getting sick from COVID-19 the coronavirus causing the 2020 global pandemic

Eco-friendly baby watering plants with loving family in kitchen


Closeup of unrecognizable Black female office worker with spray bottle in hand taking care of green plant standing in pot on her office table in modern office

A Young Woman Cleaning Surfaces in Kitchen with Protective Gloves

Woman Cares for Plants, Sprays Lavender Outdoors

A Person Cleaning a Stain on the Floor with a Spray Bottle and Cloth. DIY Cleaning Solutions. DIY Pet Stain and Odor Removal.

Adorable girl watering green houseplants indoors

Slow motion. A stylish male hairdresser sprays water onto the hair of a male client from a hairdressing spray bottle. Hair care in a modern barbershop.