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Macro footage of cash receipts and hundred dollar bills lying mixed up on surface. Dolly shot of paybills from supermarket and cash money. Concept of finance

Cheerful woman holding her shopping bags. Slow motion

Close up woman checks paper check after shopping for groceries. Cooking and eating product on background.


Medium shot of pretty Caucasian girl with cerebral palsy taking selfies on smartphone in vintage pink glasses while spending leisure time with friend indoors at home

Man hands counting on calculator sitting at work table close up. Unknown professional accountant calculating income and spending checking documents information. Businessman analyzing financial budget.

Close-up of man's hands counting hundred dollar bills. Slow motion

Close-up shot of a woman in white jeans and blazer walking through a shopping mall with many shopping bags. Translation: Discount, Sale.

Money Saving: Decrease in Glass Jar for Business Investment and Income


A young couple is happily shopping together in a supermarket, smiling and enjoying the experience.

Calculating monthly income, spending and savings. Worried and stress man's hand. Paper financial account document and paper notes. Pen and white calculator on desk

A girl using credit card on-line

Close-up of man's hands counting hundred dollar bills

Close up of hands of man holding smartphone and buying something online in cozy room. Paying in credit card in Internet. Male doing shopping on mobile phone. Purchasing through Internet.

Group of three cheerful female friends with paper bags walking towards sofa in shopping mall to relax after buying clothes


Young people celebrating meeting or birthday in bar, clinking with wine. Group of best friends clubbing in nightclub, enjoying alcoholic

Woman takes out of her wallet and counts US dollar bills

Calculating income and expenses. Family budget or monthly payments. Family Budget or Monthly Payments

Anonymous woman crossing NYC street with shopping bags in slow motion.

Diverse teenager girls friends, laptop with copy space and learning together at home, slow motion

Man and his two daughters doing puzzles at home

Three joyful women stroll through a department store in vibrant outfits.

Macro footage of long cash receipt with figures of expenses. Dolly shot of paybill from supermarket. Concept of finance

African american father with son sitting at table and working

Man using credit card for online transaction

Portrait of a joyful young person displaying a payment card

The Seller issues a Paper Check to the Client and closes the Cash Register

A businessman throws a coin into a piggy bank. Concept: saving money, investing, budgeting, spending, spending planning

Video of biracial couple warmly spending time in the garden and using smartphone

puts money in wallet. A man opens a leather purse and puts bills

Young professional shopping online and managing finances at home. Man using laptop for purchases in studio apartment. Handsome model sitting.

Counting money, Seamless loop video of male hands counting a lot of one hundred dollar bills

Poor man counting expenses and showing an empty wallet

Close Asian friends hanging out after pandemic, shopping in urban mall at night. City lifestyle.

Young customer comparing prices of TV screens in electronics department of appliance store.

Video of biracial couple warmly spending time in the garden and using smartphone

Shop assistant inserting a credit card into a pos and inserting pin-code of the card

Businessman using credit card for online transaction

Man buy medicaments with card terminal at pharmacy. Close up of male hand swiping credit card on pay terminal at drugstore. Male customer using pos terminal at medical store

Close upof Indian man buying something online on laptop in cozy room. Paying by credit card on Internet. Cheerful male shopping online in front of computer.

Macro footage of long cash receipt with expenses, focus on figures. Camera sliding alongside sales checks from supermarket. Concept of finance

Video of biracial couple spending time in the garden

Black Friday or Christmas Holiday Shopping on Amazon with Credit Card

Close up shot of senior couple sitting at table and talking to each other while learning to shop online using laptop computer and credit card

Moment of payment with a credit card through terminal

Close up a female hands holding credit card next to laptop screen doing online shopping at home, online banking shopping and lifestyle concept, surfing on internet, wireless convenient technology

Close-up of woman's hands counting hundred dollar bills

Video of biracial couple spending time in the garden

Happy biracial woman doing yoga in living room, stretching