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Medium shot of cheerful female social worker giving household bills sheet to senior man in wheelchair and explaining him something while unrecognizable male volunteer unpacking groceries

Woman Talking To Counsellor Who Takes Notes

Caregiver supporting senior woman in wheelchair during conversation in living room

meeting with consultant social worker in the office unrecognizable woman talking about problem

Concerned young girl discussing mental health challenges with supportive counselor during therapy session


Young volunteer pushing girl in wheelchair through dance studio, then posing together for camera before rehearsal

Grateful parents and daughter thank counselor for relationship improvement

Medium shot of female social worker giving warm blankets to diverse refugee men, women and children living in poor conditions at tent city

Close up shot of hands of elderly woman making notes in personal expense worksheet with assistant of caregiver while planning budget at home

Medium shot of female financial advisor discussing bills with senior woman while giving her at-home consultation about money management


Lovely worried African American teenage boy talking with caring female psychotherapist, sharing about mental problems, interaction and communication difficulties during psychotherapy session

Tilt up of unrecognizable female social worker giving household bills to smiling elderly woman and discussing it


Woman smiling and chatting with young man while pushing him in wheelchair during walk in park

Social worker helps elderly woman with document at home

Female caregiver helping elderly man to use walker while assisting him with daily living activities at home

Close up high angle shot of hands of female financial advisor and senior woman discussing bills while planning budget during consultation at home

Tilt up shot of young African American social worker holding bills, talking to senior woman making notes in copybook and teaching her to plan budget during financial consultation at home

Epidemic awareness: Young man wearing mask, using smartphone outdoors


Worried affectionate African American mother and adorable school age black son with adolescent problems counselling with attentive lovely psychologist, to improve social skills indoors.

Female social worker sitting with adult man with Down syndrome at table in living room and explaining him how to use digital tablet


Medium portrait shot of young Caucasian woman in nurse uniform, holding clipboard posing in garden of retirement home, smiling for camera, elderly patient in wheelchair reading newspaper in background


Authentic close up shot of an young man is holding hands of disabled senior woman in wheelchair as

Young female social worker using digital tablet to communicate with senior woman in cozy apartment

Female caregiver sitting on sofa in living room, watching photo album and having talk with elderly woman while visiting her at home


Volunteer helping young woman with disability to move in wheelchair by herself after class in dance studio

Slowmo of senior man learning to use laptop at home with help of social worker

High angle shot of female caregiver pushing wheelchair through living room and talking with senior woman while assisting her at home

Close up of female caretaker in nursing home holding senior woman hand. Social worker

Nurse talking senior man in wheelchair. Female social welfare physical therapist looks after senior male, listening, providing medical care


Tracking shot of woman pushing male friend in wheelchair through park and speaking with him during walk outdoors on sunny day

COVID-19 epidemic healthcare workers. Two Caucasian female doctors walking on empty city street in medical face masks.


Tilt up shot in slow motion of woman pushing cheerful friend in wheelchair and chatting with him while enjoying walk in park on sunny day

PAN full shot of young assisted living nurse vacuuming floor in living room while helping senior woman with disability around house

Caring Asian woman child psychotherapist and school age African girl bonding during therapy session

Full shot of senior woman sitting on sofa beside wheelchair, using calculator and discussing bills with assisted living nurse while planning personal finances at home

Adult Caucasian man with Down syndrome and female teacher drawing on paper during therapeutic art lesson at home

High angle shot of young nurse measuring blood pressure of elderly woman in wheelchair and giving her pills during medical checkup at home


Young man assisting woman with disability moving from bench into wheelchair in dance studio

Tilt up of unrecognizable female social worker in glasses showing household utility bills to elderly man and talking

Portrait of a joyful diverse family and cute preadolescent daughter embracing, showing happiness, unity, and love after a successful therapy session.

Medium shot of homeless refugee men and women in queue taking food in tins from social worker standing outdoors at immigrants camp

Therapy session: Young girl discussing mental health with child psychologist

Life in self-isolation: Portrait of young woman in face mask at window on lockdown.


Friendly charming female psychotherapist counseling lovely preadolescent black boy with emotional problems, helping to overcome adversity and improve social skills during therapy session.

PAN of cheerful female social worker in glasses sitting on sofa and chatting with smiling elderly man holding walking stick; unrecognizable male volunteer unpacking groceries in background

Young Caregiver and Elderly Woman Share Heartwarming Moment at Home

Over-the-shoulder shot: Young caregiver supports senior woman in wheelchair at home

Social Care Workers: Two Young Female Employees Discussing Epidemic Control