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Bathing Soaking in Natural Forest Rock Pool Jacuzzi at Gembleng Waterfall Karangasem Bali Indonesia in Slow Motion

The cook checking chickpeas soaking in water to see if they are ready for cooking

Enjoying Nature's Refreshing Waters: Relaxing by the River Canal

Guy on Beach soaking up some sun rays.


Spoon Mixing Tea Essence Inside Cup

Captivating frozen raindrops

asian girl with positive face expression on the pouring rain day, standing on the road side wearing yellow raincoat soaking wet in the rain, its rainy season in Asia, enjoying her day with rain

Nail Care: Beautiful Hands in Beauty Salon. Soothing Spa Manicure Concept.

Captivating frozen raindrops

Baby cow calf lying in a green pasture soaking up the sun during spring in Utah.

Water balloon popped using needle slow motion


Underwater Shot Of Teabag Being Dipped In hot water

Full body shot of a black man sitting under the sun, breathing and soaking the light

Stain on shirt from coffee

Man spills coffee over himself

Modern metal hot tub with rippling water.

Asian father holding his toddler baby girl playing with water, kids learning experiences, emotion habit behavior, child bare feet playing soaking in the fresh clean water with the fish inside


Worker in a protective suit opening a high-temperature kiln at a metal foundry

lawn sprinkler showing wasting water on the sidewalk

backlit close shot of watering the lawn

Close-up soaking leaf gelatin in cold water. Housewife standing at kitchen table with ingredients for making delicious homemade cake. Confectionery. Culinary. Process of preparing sweet mousse dessert


Elegant woman in blue dress relaxes on tropical sandy waves wash over her as she gazes contemplatively. Serene ocean backdrop frames her

Young woman enjoying poolside relaxation in 4k

High angle viewof black man rlaaxing with his feet in swimming pool 4k

Unrecognizable woman washing long hair in bubble bath

A piece of butter is melting on meat fried in a pan, close-up

Middle Eastern individual ventures to home terrace for reflection and a breath of freshness. Arab soul pausing, soaking in sun rays during a respite.

Rain falling to the surface in slow motion, drops of water spray in different directions


Low angle shot of female smooth skin legs standing and soaking in sea water with blue sky on background, ocean waves hitting feet on white sand beach, summer islands vacation, barefoot on the beach

Adding Magnesium Salt In Bath Water For Relaxation And Antistress.

Close-up of person enjoying waterfall river canal, refreshing in natural setting

Nail Care: Beautiful Hands in Beauty Salon. Soothing Spa Manicure Concept.

Nail Care: Beautiful Hands in Beauty Salon. Soothing Spa Manicure Concept.

Rear view of black couple soaking their feet in swimming pool 4k


Tea bag submerged in hot water Inside Cup

Relaxing Water Therapy for Hands and Feet

Top view close-up female hands in gloves soaking cloth in water with detergent. Closeup unrecognizable young woman cleaning house indoors.

Night city view with heavy rain pouring and lightning flashing. Lit lanterns, blinking traffic lights and unidentified man soaking in dark street

Medium shot of businesswoman soaking up decanted shirt in office corridor after mishap

Macro Slow motion: Rain pounds an evergreen branch in a heavy rain storm

Woman tasting with pleasure crispy fried shrimps soaking in traditional soy sauce, marine lunch or dinner in Japanese restaurant with variety of seafood raw and cooked delicatessen. Japanese


Barber prepares hot towel in sink for shaving. Steaming cloth warmed for clients beard prep in shop. Hygiene, grooming, barbering service

Captivating frozen raindrops

Slowmo shot of middle-aged male driver crouching before broken-down red quad bike in forest and looking for mechanical failure. Unrecognizable man in soaking wet riding gear walking out of frame

Nail Care: Beautiful Hands in Beauty Salon. Soothing Spa Manicure Concept.


Milk Shooting Into Cup Of tea

The spray of rain falls on the leaf and the surface in a slow action, drops of water spray in different directions

Slow motion 180fps closeup: Man uncurls fist into open palm in pouring rain