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Moonlight on the water. Moonlight. Water at night.

Above and below water surface view of barreling blue ocean waves.

Emerald Lake

Shimmering water surface of a crystal clear swimming pool

Shimmering Blue Water Surface

Golden Shimmering Sea

Rippling water surface shimmering in light.


The sea shimmering under the night sky with scattered reflections of moonlight

The serene movement of water in a pool water jet in hot tub

Aerial view of crystal clear turquoise water over rock bed. Stunning cove in Mediterranean Sea or Pacific Ocean. Nature's beauty.

Sun rays reflection in moving sea water

Macro shot of water, highlighting fluidity.

Shimmering Light On Ocean

Crystal clear pool water with a mosaic pattern.

Mesmerizing Slow Motion: Crystal Clear Lake Water Surface Gently Ripples.

Sunlight reflection in water. Orange sunset reflection in sea. Ocean sunrise. Sun light reflection in waves. River surface waves on wind. Gold sunset reflection on water. Sunset lake. Shimmering. Sun shining

Moving Tides On Beach

Fluid Motion and Patterns Perfect for Backgrounds Overlays and Design Elements

Many shiny reflections of the sun in water surface. Footage. Close up of the ocean with small ripples on a sunny day with light flares.

Algae Puddle

Very high aerial view of orange red sunset lights reflecting on the sea

Changing Colors: Serene Water Surface

Liquid patterns captured in crisp detail.

Sparkling Blue and Silver Marble Texture with Black Ink. Sparkling fluid. Paint blend. Marble texture. Defocused shiny blue silver black color oil bubble glitter texture ink mix wave motion abstract background.

Evening Waves

Light motion particles in green infected water. Bacteria in water. Old green water with garbage particles. Ecological problems. 4K

Glistening water ripples in natural daylight.

sea waves and sand beach at sunrise

Aerial view: Light reflecting on slow-moving ocean waves.

Neon Glare on Wet Streets in Asian City at Night

Aerial view of serene sunset scenery over water with rocks.

A serene capture of soft, bokeh light reflections shimmering across a tranquil water surface, evoking a peaceful and abstract atmosphere

Bay Water Ripples

Abstract blurred lights sparking on water surface at golden sunrise. Bright orange sunlight shining shimmering dark ocean shore. Defocused reflection at sea waves at orange sunset.

Oil Slick

Moon Reflection On Ocean

Lights Reflecting on Calm Waters at Night

Close-up on the dynamic texture of water.

Slow Motion: Serene Sunlit Ocean Waves - Real Water Ripples & Textured Surface

British Columbia Wetlands 2

Sun Shimmering On Sea

Moon Beams On Water

Reflection of sunset shimmering in Utah Lake looking over the glassy water as the sky glows.

Clouds In Water Reflection

Infected water. Bacteria in water. Old green water with garbage particles. Ecological problems. 4K

Dubai Fountain Show

Closeup of Yosemite Firefall shimmering with sunset colors, Yosemite National Park, California, USA. Horsetail fall is geological phenomenon


Close-up of a splash in a gasoline puddle on asphalt, with shimmering reflections in the water droplets