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Independent preschooler girl testing patient young mother.

Mum screaming at daughter and sends child to stand in corner

Focused woman at home dealing with noisy kids

Portrait of Asian mother reading with son, Dolly shot .

Portrait of determined preadolescent girl with curly hair, showing warning gesture indoors.

Upset Schoolboy Being Scolded by Mother on the Living Room Couch

Upset Mother Scolding Son at sofa

Emotional african american father scolding little son at home, unhappy boy sitting aside, tracking shot, slow motion

Portrait of a Boy with Mother Scolding in the Background


Angry mother scolding teen daughter close up

Father Disciplines Daughter for Misbehavior

Father explaining to his sad son sitting on sofa

Concerned father reprimanding his son, upset boy at desk

Focused Little Boy Concentrating in Slow Motion

Son Arguing with Mother on the Sofa in the Living Room in the Evening

Side view of woman reprimanding schoolgirl for mistakes during homework. Education challenges and problem-solving.

Mother Scolding Misbehaving Son on the Couch

Mother Scolding Son in the Living Room in the Evening

happy pregnant woman with her husband in a children's clothing store choose clothes for the baby.

Young students reading books in a classroom - animated characters (4K video)

Mother Educating Child Misbehavior Small Boy Feeling Guilty Emotion Leaning On Mom Parent Talking To Kid About Behavior Authentic Parenting And Childhood Development Concept

Brothers Argue with Each Other

portrait doctor checks the boy's ears with an otoscope

Children blowing soap bubbles in the park

Strict father scolding his daughter in the bedroom

Teacher scolding a naughty student, who launches paper airplanes in class.

Little scared unhappy boy sitting on sofa, angry father scolding and shouting at him, tracking shot, slow motion

Mother Shouting Loudly at Son and he Covers Ears

Asian Father and son doing homework on the table in the living room .

Unsatisfied boy with crossed hands standing on the left as blurred parents yelling scolding kid at background. Portrait of sad annoyed Caucasian son with angry father and mother at home.

Angry Mother Scolding Son While He Sits on the Couch

Relationship between siblings. Older sister scolding her younger brother in the summer park. Naughty boy walking with his sister outdoors.

Portrait of sad misbehaving boy covering ears with hands as man entering talking to child. Disobedient Caucasian son arguing with father at home indoors.

Boy Covering Ears to Block Out Mother Scolding


Maternal Care Mother Gives Safety Instructions To Her Son At Playground Before Pushing Him On Swing

Indian wife laughingly scolding husband while eating dinner

Mother scolding son playing game on mobile phone

Mother is swearing on the child, sitting at the city

Father scolding his lazy daughter for bad grades

Caring mother scolding her daughter for bad grades

Strict older sister scolding her younger brother in the summer park. Relationship between siblings. Naughty boy walking with his sister outdoors.

Mother gathers daughters for kindergarten

Lviv \ Ukraine - July 7 2018: Two Caucasian boys in school uniform wearing backpacks and going home after lessons. Conversation. Classroom. Indoors. Schoolchildren.

Dad and Kids Popup Green Screen

Siblings having a conversation on the couch

Grandfather scolds a grandson

Mother Educating And Scolding Little Boy For Bad Behavior

4K, Happy asian boy playing online games on tablet computer and smart phone .