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Rear view of schoolchildren in uniforms running in school corridor.

A group of children running along the corridor to the classroom to the beginning of the lesson. Pupils in school uniform running down the hall in slow motion.

Modern School For First Graders, Elementary Education, Girl With Backpack Going To School Entrance

Group of schoolgirls in uniforms standing together, viewed from behind, in a classroom setting.

Little Schoolgirl Walking On Curb, Keeping Balance, Back View, Closeup Of Legs Of Little Girl

Different male business clothes, including suits and shirts on a hanger. Dolly footage. There are other clothes on hangers in the background

round hanger there are various stylish knitted multicolored hanging on fashion clothing store in a mall or shopping center

Little girl with backpack and textbook going hurrying to school. Attaractive schoolgirl with a backpack fun runs from school to home.

Two students in uniforms discussing in front of a classroom blackboard.

Girl student wearing the same school uniform with backpacks walk through the Park laughing and talking

The schoolgirl goes to school for a lesson. African american teenager with a backpack walks through the park to study, concept kid learning at school

Medical University Students listening a lecturer in lecture halls

Kathmandu, Nepal - 14 November 2019: A group of nepalese girls in school uniform walking in the street. Nepal Kathmandu. Slow motion. Back rear view.

Three young women in school uniforms sitting and chatting indoors, one reading a magazine.

Medical students during the lecture or conference speaker listened to

Happy students in school uniform having fun and jumping standing near the chalk board. College students celebrate the start of the holidays

Female High School Tutor Teaching Students In Uniforms Sitting At Work Benches In Science Class

Male High School Tutor Teaching Students Wearing Uniforms In Science Class

Three students in uniforms engaged in a lively discussion with books in hand in a school corridor.

Happy girls Schoolgirls thrown in the air portfolios enjoying the holidays. Happy College student in the same school uniform in a hurry home after lessons.

Burmese School Children Engaging with Teacher in Chumphon, Thailand

Portrait of Indonesian Elementary School Student with White and Red Uniform Hat Indonesia

A school bus picks up students in the UNESCO heritage city of Antigua, Guatemala. We then see children in their school uniforms standing on the sidewalk across the street

Lviv, Ukraine - July 7, 2018: Young girls having fun and taking selfies at school during break

Portrait of the boys in the uniforms use phone smartphone at the school in classroom break happy education together pupil friendship close up

Happy primary school kids in uniforms running on a walkway outside their school building, front view

ZIRAHUEN, MEXICO - CIRCA MAY 2018 - Rural cobblestone street in the mountains of Michoacan with colorful flags (papel picado) hanging between houses during the day

Unrecognizable schoolboy and schoolgirl with books standing outdoors on spring summer day. Front view Caucasian boy and girl on school yard. Lifestyle and education.

Happy schoolkids in uniforms with teacher at schoolyard, looking at camera.

Three girls sitting on a bench in the school

KANDY, SRI LANKA - FEBRUARY 2014: Portrait of Sri Lankan children in school uniform playing in the Botanical Gardens. All children are required to wear uniforms.

Young school girls and school boys wearing their school uniforms and backpacks step onto the empty school bus. The students sit in their respective seats one by one.

Orphan Kids Boy and Girl smiling together at Camera, open Day in Orphanage

View from the bleachers of a high school football team warming up.

Male High School Tutor Teaching Students Wearing Uniforms In Science Class

Happy schoolkids in uniforms with teacher walking at a schoolyard.

PAK NAM, CHUMPHON, THAILAND - CIRCA FEB 2017 - Large group of Burmese school children listen quietly to their teacher

4K: Students in Uniforms Reading in Library

Mom and daughter choose school uniforms in the store. Teenage girls try on a school skirt. Happy shopping

Girl teenager in school uniform at the supermarket, buys a pencil for school.

Lockdown of group of middle school children in uniform walking hand in hand along hallway chatting and laughing, lonely handicapped schoolboy in glasses on wheelchair riding behind looking at camera

Rack focus from female hands holding smartphone and taking picture to group of schoolchildren in uniforms smiling and posing together

Top view of diverse students reading book in library together

Ubud, Indonesia - October 22, 2022: muslim girls in purple hijabs school uniform smiling at camera. Close-up of muslim pupils during recess

Adorable children at summer camp

Students in uniforms chatting and reading books in a brightly lit school corridor with lockers.

Purchase of school supplies. Mother and daughter in supermarket stationery.

Lockdown of middle school student in uniform and glasses walking along hallway looking at tablet, three other school children in uniforms walking behind chatting