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Portrait of tired overworked Caucasian man in hard hat sitting down rubbing forehead. Exhausted worker taking break at warehouse outdoors loading cargo with blurred coworker at background.

Exterminator Pesticide Yearly Spray At House Outside In The Garden To Prevent Termite And Insect No Glove And Safety 1

lab tech looks at blood sample on slide and places it in the microscope 4k

Inspecting Sanitary Engineering Details at Construction Site

Nurse helping doctor to put on nitrile surgical gloves. Action. Professional medical safety and hygiene for surgery and medical exam

Young professional cleaner enjoying music while mopping floor in open plan office

Medical professional at work

scientist working with a microscope and graph in laboratory 4k

Janitor Squeezing Out Rag In Men's Bathroom

Capable specialist dismantling air conditioner in order to clean internal components. Proficient expert removing layer of dust from blower

Hardware sterilization of medical instruments using the dry heat method. The optimal hygiene and safety in healthcare procedures.

Heavy machinery operator

Scientist or lab technician working with microscope in laboratory close shot

Hardworking man renovating house, taking a break in living room

Woman in jumpsuit with a spatula and bucket of plaster or putty enters a construction site. Plasterer starts working day. Silhouette of repairwoman gets into a building.


In a garage, a mechanic after having checked and checked the oil and engine at the car smiles beca

Friendly employer

Scientist working with a microscope in laboratory 4k

Service Maintenance

CSI lab tech testing for blood

Revealing portrait shot of worker doing inspection of freon levels and necessary repairs to prevent major breakdowns. Capable electrician

scientist working with a microscope and taking notes in laboratory 4k

scientist working with a microscope and graph in laboratory 4k

lab tech places a blood sample under a microscope 4k

Close up shot of the disinfection equipment in the dentist's office.

scientist reading and thinking about notes he has on a pad

rack focus to scientist working in lab 4k

Work at the factory. Clip. A man in a blue suit and a white helmet is trying to open special electrical equipment for work.

worker waving his arms dissatisfied , animation, Alpha channel, transparent background

Medical professional at work

macro of a blood sample being placed under a microscope 4k

Preparation for the surgery. Action. Multiple surgery tools on the table in operating room, scrub nurse in rubber gloves.

lab tech looking at a blood sample under the microscope 4k

Medical professional at work

Radiation Biohazard Death Quarantine. Set Signs. Black Background. Radioactive symbol design

Portrait of man warehouse worker and engineer under inspection and checking production process on factory station, male wearing safety mask to protect coronavirus covid 19 in factory.

Handyman in blue overalls

Tilting rear shot of two male and female brewery employees carrying full heavy keg of beer together, along large shiny fermentation tanks

Portrait of certified mechanic commissioned for outdoor air conditioner routine checkup, writing report on clipboard. Cheerful engineer

Medical professional at work

Happy smiling construction worker shows okay gesture sign. Isolated on white.

Female construction worker using smartphone app on full body green screen backdrop, surfing internet website online in studio. Contractor with overalls and hardhat using mobile phone.

Building maintenance maintenence mechanic labourer

scientist looking in microscope and making notes 4k