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Doctors in biodefense suits walk along the corridor of a medical building. Virologists in special protective suits. The animation is intended as a science fiction, futuristic, or medicine background.

People with protective suits and mask respirators outdoors, coronavirus concept.

Humorous outdoor workout of person in protective gear. Portrait of young individual stretching during Covid-19 or air pollution. Fun, humor, lifestyle.

Man in protective gas mask. Gas mask with connecting corrugated flexible hose. Man fastening protective chemical suit. Man putting on gas mask and straightening hose to source of breathing

Vertical full handed slowmo shot of young Biracial male speed skater in skating suit taking start low crouched position and sprinting off in indoor ice arena

Airport security agent using a metal detector on a male passenger in a suit to pat him down at the boarding gate after passing through the x-ray scanner. 4K shot on Red cinema camera.

Young Professional in the Car Putting on Headphones

Frontline worker in hazmat suit disinfects block ladder against covid-19.

Businessman Raising His Finger During a Phone Call

Unrecognizable man in a suit pushes the jacket back and shows the gun hidden behind the belt then covers it again. Criminal authority, mafia, criminal gang, cool guy

Molar sprays paint on steel profiles in a respirator mask and protective suit in slow motion. Production and painting studio. Powder coating


The video shows a man in safety gear cleaning lab equipment in a dimly lit laboratory, underscoring the meticulous care needed in handling chemical experiments. Chemical Safety Goggles Protective Suit Chemical Experiment

Medium closeup of professional man in suit adjusting face mask by river in city center on summer day

Man in hazmat suit spraying chemical on building stairs against coronavirus spread.

Woman, men in suit and helmet walk, discuss, communicate. Female with tablet is assistant director, black man is business partner of engineer architect in construction company. Colleagues move, talk

A businessman holding a stop sign on laptop on a Green Screen, Chroma Key

Men, woman in suit and helmet discuss blueprint, communicate with buyer. Chief engineer builder, designer, describe blueprint to african american, show plan to partner or colleague indoor unfinished

Medium section slowmo shot of unrecognizable specialist wearing protecting overall spraying disinfecting detergent on office desk surface and wiping it with microfiber cloth


The video features a man in a chemical safety suit meticulously mixing chemicals in a dimly lit, shadowy laboratory, highlighting the precision and safety precautions essential in scientific experimentation.

Medium shot of unrecognizable woman in disposable protective coverall, goggles, gloves and respirator spraying sanitizing liquid on camera

Businessman getting hit in face by water balloon

Unrecognizable man in a suit shoves a gun by the belt of his pants close up. Criminal authority, mafia, criminal gang, cool dangerous guy. The head of the mafia preparing for a business meeting


The video shows a man in a chemical safety suit securely closing a bottle of methanol, emphasizing the careful handling and safety protocols followed in a laboratory setting.

adult businessman riding electrical kick scooter near office buildings. Caucasian male rider using alternative eco-safety e-transport. Ecology, technology, transportation concept.

Medium shot of concentrated serious male entrepreneur driving car along road when going to work in the morning

Worker in protective suit inside the ruined building in abandoned area, low angle view

Low angle view of African American businessman in black stylish suit and white helmet holding blueprints next to wind turbine at wind farm.

Medium shot of brutal mixed-race businessman in suit getting in drivers sear of posh car and fastening seatbelt

Businessman Looking Through a Window For a Moment

Professional woman hurrying to a meeting. Woman in business attire with a red folder walking near business center. SLOW MOTION

Chemical protection mask close up. Chemical protection suit. Apocalyptic concept. Mask to protect body during chemical or radioactive environmental pollution. Man in protective suit with gas mask

Medium shot of businesswoman and businessman in formal wear and face masks sitting at table in outdoor cafe and discussing business while looking at laptop

Man in protective anti-chemical suit taking watering hose. Man with gas mask and hose in hands. Worker in chemical rubber suit and gas mask at chemical processing plant

Medium portrait handheld shot of Biracial young professional athlete speed skater putting on speed skating suit and racing eyewear in sport arena

Engineer businessman with protective helmet in factory, checking blueprints and looking at camera.

soldier in a chemical suit standing guard with his rifle

Man in suit shows woman unfinished construction. Young couple buys new home for extended family. Male purchases flat in multi-storey building.

An Asian man walks out of an elevator and to the door of his apartment and start unlocking it

The guy puts on a jacket

Caucasian male cybersecurity officer in formal suit taking confidential folder with documents out of safe box while working in office at night

Man Looking Through a Window and Adjusting Glasses

Portrait of a heroic fireman in a protective suit. Firefighter in fire fighting operation.

A strong man in a special suit with a chainsaw climbs a tree to cut branches

Friendly flight attendant. Air hostage helping passenger businessman put luggage on top shelf or cabin compartment on airplane, woman help black man lift suitcases putting overhead locker on airplane

Feet of virologist in white protective suit walking along empty city road. Camera following person strolling in the middle of highway on Covid-19 lockdown. Coronavirus quarantine, pandemic.

Man Looking Through a Window and Adjusting Glasses

Businessman Holding Mobile Phone Against His Ear

A brunette man with a beard in a protective suit goggles and a helmet in an orange vest walks along black and yellow boxes for sorting and