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A charming doll stands by the wall at dusk in a room, close-up

Making of matryoshka dolls

Vintage retro Russian Soviet doll girl dressed in red headscarf and sundress decorated by berries and flowers. Stock footage. Close up of an

A lot of nesting dolls at different stages of readiness.

Girl combs doll hair by hairbrush

Budapest, Hungary, August 2022. At the central market pan footage on the counter of wooden dolls typical of the place. Pan movement

Abandoned bedroom and toys in kindergarten in exclusion zone Chernobyl Ukraine

An abandoned children's toy in the city of Pripyat near the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

Budapest, Hungary, August 2022. At the Central Market, close-up tilt footage walks through a display case with characteristic Russian wooden dolls.

Figures of popular Russian nesting dolls on a Zhostovsky dish. Family. Circular panorama.

Coloring of a matryoshka doll

Five matryoshka dolls- girlfriends. The world-famous Russian national dolls.

Broken doll toy lying on autumn leaves in abandoned ghost town Pripyat Ukraine

Broken childrens toy doll and car truck in abandoned ghost town Pripyat Ukraine

A family of matryoshka dolls in close-up on a Zhostovsky dish.

Vintage toy/Handmade nesting dolls/Russian wooden toy/Traditional doll of Russia/Russian souvenir/Russian symbol

Painting of a nesting doll

Matryoshka is the cultural heritage of Russia.

Traditional folk doll girl in the exhibition hall.

Numerous famous Russian nesting dolls. Shooting at close range.

Exhibition of dolls with national traditional dresses.

A huge doll like a child in a sailor's clothes

Russian nesting dolls in the original design: black and white image. Close-up shooting.

A ready red and black nesting dolls are standing on the table

YEKATERINBURG, RUSSIA - FEBRUARY 25, 2022: Ceramic figurines depicting peasants and townspeople. ART. Figurines of a landowner with a horse

Consequences of full scale invasion of russian occupants

Legs of two boys in the dark room in the cloud of smoke in the background. Scary dirty doll burning on the floor in the foreground. Concept of fire, flammability, non-compliance with safety rules

Matryoshka dolls: figures of a guest and a grandfather with a granddaughter. Close-up shooting.

Emotional close-up: Doll resembling a young girl sheds tears

Beautiful faces of five nesting dolls up close.

Collection of folk russian dolls with national dresses.

Three figures of nesting dolls depicting grandfather, granddaughter and guest on a zhostovsky dish. Widely known Russian national toys.

Russian wooden toy/Traditional doll of Russia/Russian souvenir/Russian symbol/Vintage toy/Handmade nesting dolls

Nesting dolls depicting two old men and a granddaughter. A group of dolls on a Zhostovsky dish

Saint Peterburg - Russia, 01. 02. 2021: Close up of a black mannequin head with a contrasting white small hat with shining rhinestones

Collection of various high quality handmade dolls.

A group of three nesting dolls. An old man, a granddaughter, a guest. Close-up image of the old man's face.

Handmade doll of happy elder lady in the pink dress.

A Russian souvenir - a wooden matryoshka doll in the image of two colors - black and white.

girl ballerina sits in a window overlooking the city of St. Petersburg

Russian matryoshka doll. Faces of toys close-up

A close-up image of the clothes of black-and-white nesting dolls.

Collection of handmade folk dolls in the museum.

Doll baby head burning

Baby doll with gasoline burning

A lot of matryoshkas of various paintings and black-and-white execution.

A new addition to the family


A maniacal russian hacker creating cyber threat alert by holding a skull as concept of cyber espionage and malicious code. Illustration