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The guy tells a friend in a whisper in his ear. Rumors and gossip concept

Positive joyful Caucasian teenage friends gossiping surfing social media on smartphones sitting on city street outdoors. Front view portrait of charming girls talking laughing sharing rumors.

Friends sharing secrets indoors. Three confident women gossiping. Rumors and friendship concept.

Close-up of woman's surprised expression while listening to a friend's whisper. Portrait of women sharing secrets in a cafe.

Shocked Caucasian senior women shaking heads talking and looking at tablet screen. Dazed retirees using social media online sitting on couch at home.

A diverse group of friends socializing and enjoying drinks at a bar

Wide shot group of relaxed multiethnic friends sitting on comfortable couch talking eating pizza. African American men and Asian woman discussing rumors meeting indoors. Leisure and friendship.

Three friends enjoying social media on tablet, smiling and chatting in slow motion. Positive friends gossiping on couch in living room. Female friendship.

Close-up of young man listening attentively at yellow background. Health issues or communication concept.

Two vibrant seniors over 60 engaging in friendly conversation

Cheerful Caucasian teenage female friends gossiping surfing social media in smartphone app talking laughing. Joyful carefree relaxed girls sharing rumors chatting sitting on city street outdoors.

The girl shows her friends the screen of a smartphone sitting at a table and everyone laughs while sitting in a bar. Discuss the latest rumors and gossip, share photos from trips

Positive Caucasian teenage girls standing on city street talking laughing. Three charming confident teenagers gossiping outdoors meeting after college. Rumors and lifestyle concept.

Stylish senior blond woman whispering on ear of redhead friend. Positive Caucasian retirees sharing secrets sitting on couch at home indoors. Friendship concept.

Three senior women drinking coffee. Ladies talking in cafe. Gossips and rumors.

Group of friends having a friendly conversation at a vintage cafe in the 1980s


Event show date dedicated to Celebrity news. Graphic presentation on smartphone screen. Male hand tapping on laptop near phone

Engaging conversation between two women

Social Media Cyber bullying and Trolling Cyberbullying is the use of information technology to repeatedly harm or harass other people in a deliberate manner.

Senior Caucasian women gossiping about husbands standing indoors talking. Curious elderly lady listening friend whispering on ear sharing rumors. Femininity and eternal friendship.

Two unrecognizable retirees arguing in summer park. Side view of irritated Caucasian senior women yelling and gesturing emotionally outdoors. Conflict and misunderstanding concept.

Joyful positive multiracial friends surfing social media talking laughing in slow motion. Front view of cheerful men woman and teenage girl having fun on barbecue picnic in evening patio outdoors.

friendship, communication and happiness concept - three smiling girlfriends having a talk at home

Curious woman laughing as friend whispers indoors

Charming friends sharing rumors on Christmas eve indoors

Cheerful friends chatting while introvert friend listens

Smiling African American woman laughing as Caucasian friend sharing rumors whispering on ear as male groupmates passing at background to campus. Positive relaxed students gossiping outdoors.

Excited senior woman in sunglasses talking with friend in sunny park. Portrait of positive Caucasian female retirees chatting on pension outdoors. Friendship and leisure concept.

Colleagues bonding outdoors: Two women sharing a moment

Social Media Cyber bullying and Trolling Cyberbullying is the use of information technology to repeatedly harm or harass other people in a deliberate manner.

Portrait of happy young friends chatting in a cafe. Positive young women talking in a restaurant during lunch break. Friendship and conversation concept. Slow motion.

Relaxed millennial Caucasian women using social media on smartphone as concentrated busy friend working online on laptop sitting on couch at background. Life balance and lifestyle.

Colleagues chatting in lunchroom during break. Portrait of two colleagues talking and enjoying refreshments in lunchroom with laptop. Lunchtime conversation.

Joyful woman joining men sitting at table in retro coffee shop talking. Group of positive Caucasian friends gossiping at lunch in vintage cafe in 1980s. Rumors and friendship concept.

Twin sisters surfing social media, chatting at home. Young women discussing rumors, embracing individuality.

Teenage girl chatting with friend on schoolyard, sharing rumors. Portrait of schoolgirl talking with classmate.

Three diverse mixed racial female friends in their 60s laughing and joking around together

Smiling senior women posing outdoors: Beautiful retirees in eyeglasses

Positive smiling boys sharing secrets whispering on ear at yellow background. Happy Caucasian brothers or friends gossiping and laughing. Trust and friendship concept.

Side angle view of diverse teen friends chatting on bench, sharing stories and laughing. Lifestyle and friendship concept.


Celebrity news inscription on blue background. Graphic presentation with different shapes and colors. Entertainment concept

Portrait of two young women chatting on campus as a man passes by. Joyful university students gossiping outdoors.

Cheerful female friends having fun indoors

Two friends surfing Internet and chatting in a cafe

Positive woman saying goodbye to friend in a cafe or restaurant

Middle shot of female multinational friends surfing internet talking and smiling. Positive relaxed African American Asian and Caucasian women resting indoors using social media and gossiping.

Portrait of confident woman eating in a sunny restaurant. Elegant lady enjoying lunch break in urban cafe.

Smiling women enjoying time together in cafeteria, chatting and working