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happy man bearded character animation

man with two options character

Midsection of aggressive brutal street hooligan clapping with baseball bat on hand indoors. Violent mean thug with sport bat standing in figthing position, ready to attack in industrial foggy premises

Animated Character: Youthful and Appealing

Aggressive hooligan man showing middle finger, demonstrating protest rude gesture of disrespect

Uncultured man picks his nose

Angry man looking at camera and frowning

African American man bullying his Middle Eastern co-worker then the victim loosing patience and fighting back

Animated Character Speaking

Spoiled Brat - ungrateful at surprise

Frustrated man driving car at traffic jam

Portrait. A puzzled unshaven man in casual clothes shrugs and makes a gesture of misunderstanding.

Rude man eating popcorn at cinema. Guy greedily eating pop corn in cinema in slow motion. Rude manners at movie hall

Selective focus shot of arrogant African American man offending depressed Middle Eastern colleague at work

Bearded man looking at the camera and arguing. Haggle with someone swearing and being rude.

Senior businessman showing middle finger

Father tells his son off while sitting in the cafe


Manager pulling drunk guest of the hotel room to the corridor. Stock clip. Security of hotel being rude to man guest.

Animated Character Speaking

Annoyed formal man avoiding journalists and running away rejecting from interview and question answering

Serious man over green background

A man throws out a used plastic cup on the ground

Boy answers cellphone while speaking with his girlfriend

Side view rude man scrolling social media on smartphone ignoring blurred woman talking at background. Selfish Caucasian adult boyfriend disregarding girlfriend dating in cafe indoors.

Confident LGBTQ individual in stylish attire observing passerby in city center

Portrait of Asian nerd student wearing eyeglasses suffering bullying, his classmates pushing him and laughing while walking along corridor

Stylish individuals discussing fashion on city street

Driver throws out a paper cup from the window car

Group of rude multi-ethnic co-workers putting their their Black colleague under pressure during meeting


Medium rack focus shot of cheerful man chatting on mobile phone and laughing in office in middle of workday, and angry Caucasian manager sitting at desk, glaring at him and giving nasty looks

Rude teenage boy teasing somebody. Teen boy with crazy hair sticking out tongue and showing grimace close up.

Arrogant college students bullying Asian student, pushing him and laughing while walking along corridor

Incompetent male employee scolded by unrecognizable boss in office. Portrait of bored dissatisfied Caucasian man listening to woman gesturing and leaving. Job and work concept.

A man is grabbed ahold of by another man and is shaken and intimidated - shot on RED

Silhouette of a rude angry man demonstrating middle finger. Humiliating and disrespectful hand sign

Medium shot - A man squirms about as another man holds his collar and yells in his face - shot on RED

African American man crunches his fingers close-up.

Colleagues Congratulating Coworker in Office

Rude man twisting woman hands, attacking defenseless victim lying on floor in domnestic kitchen. Aggressive jealous man yelling at scared wife, accusing of infidelity and threatening with beating.

Concerned hipster man with dreadlocks expressing frustration indoors.

relationships, aggression and gesture concept - close up of man showing middle finger


Irked african american man fighting with friends during telephone call, isolated over studio background. Outraged person arguing with mates

Group of people throwing popcorn in cinema. Portrait of angry film-lovers dissatisfied with film. Men and women of different ethnicities expressing negative emotions in movie theatre.

Side view profile portrait of young teacher making a "shhh" gesture

Young man sharing movie spoilers in cinema

Group of three multi-ethnic colleagues making mock of their Muslim colleague at work in office

red boy for eat chilli

Bullying concept. Long shot of Asian student in glasses walking along college corridor, his Black classmate intentionally pushing him, Caucasian girls laughing at him