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Team biologists developing medical project in advanced laboratory close up. Man researcher showing medicines to critical woman colleague.

Pharmacist grinds the drug in a white plate

Dolly shot of team working in modern high end laboratory. A female chemist is analysing some samples

Asian Scientist Lady Wearing Protective Glasses Standing In Scientific Center

A group of employees in medical uniform work in a medical laboratory, using a microscope and conducting a blood test

Timelapse of young intern in whitecoat working in lab with colleagues

Happy researcher in lab. Lab researcher in safety glasses. Woman scientist face. Lab technician smiling. Female lab scientist smiling. Happy woman scientist in laboratory. Female researcher portrait

Closeup biochemist looking microscope exploring sample in clinic laboratory. Portrait of young woman scientist examining preparation in lab.


Medium shot of young Chinese female researcher standing at table with retort on stand in laboratory, looking at purple solution, observing chemical reaction and filling out checklist on clipboard

portrait of health professional woman is studying analysis in medical laboratory, exploring in microscope apparatus

Timelapse of diverse woman in lab coat studying chemical substance, making notes, using computer, and interacting with male colleague

Confident medical scientist posing in advanced laboratory closeup. Portrait woman researcher in scientific clinic at professional equipment.

Young laboratory technicians working with laptop and microscope in the lab


Close-up rack focus shot of young Chinese female researcher in goggles, white coat and gloves holding up glass vial with blue chemical solution, examining visual properties

Science engineer working on computer and taking notes in laboratory. Biologist using technology to work on scientific experiment in lab and writing on paper to develop expertise.

female professional technician of medical laboratory is working with microscope apparatus, researching analysis for covid-19

Female microbiology scientist working upon the development of new medicines for COVID-19 treatment


Medium portrait shot of young Chinese woman in white lab coat, goggles and gloves adding drops of reagent to test vial with long glass pipette, then looking at camera and smiling

The pharmacist mixes the chemical extract

Woman doctor lab filling test tube with medical solution. Lab doctor doing medical research. Female lab technician working in medical laboratory with pipette close up. Pharmaceutical research

Focused researcher holding pipette filling test tube with experimental drugs.

inside pharmaceutical laboratory developing modern drug from different diseases, female scientist is researching new sample


Portrait of blond female scientist wearing protective glasses is smiling satisfied with great resu

Woman scientist in the lab 2

forensic expert is testing evidence in laboratory, viewing samples in microscope, female technician is researching analysis

Young Asian woman in lab coat writing research details in laboratory


Portrait of dark skin female scientist is analyzing a sample to extract the DNA and molecules with microscope in laboratory.

Young female scientist in a medium shot, engaging with the camera

Medical researcher looking computer wearing closeup. Serious woman scientist in white robe working at biotechnological laboratory.

Woman chemist working on computer in science laboratory, using technology to develop microbiology experiment with lab equipment. Scientist with protective glasses. Handheld shot

Close-up tilting down shot of face and hands of female scientist with prosthetic arm, in white coat dropping cell culture solution into Petri dish with green substrate, performing study in biotech lab

positive confident smart african american woman scientist in medical workwear posing on camera in evening lab and showing thumbs up

woman professional microbiologist is researching analysis in laboratory, looking in microscope, genetic laboratory in university

Work in a medical laboratory. A woman in a lab coat, disposable gloves and safety sets up a blood splitting device using a screen

Upset scientist looking test tube dissatisfied research results close up. Disappointed woman examining experimental drugs in laboratory.

Timelapse of young professional in lab coat in scientific laboratory with colleagues working

Close-up Timelapse: Young Woman in Lab Coat Working with Chemical Liquids

Female researcher conducting an experiment in lab

Work in a medical laboratory. A woman in a lab coat, disposable gloves and safety sets up a blood splitting device using a screen

Young Girl Scientist

Woman doctor holds a sample in hands in modern laboratory

Female scientist examining test tube in lab

Medical scientist inspecting microgreens, wearing protective unform, working in laboratory. Food research, genetic Modifications of Product. Microbiologist analyzing lab-grown greenery plants.

Woman looking at camera in research laboratory, scientist wearing protective glasses and working on chemistry development. Biochemistry worker with safety goggles on face. Close up

Scientist looking under microscope,Portrait of female analyzes petri dish sample

Scientist working with petri dishes in a lab

inside laboratory of pharmaceutical company, people are working over new vaccine and drug, man and woman are researching


Medium close-up tilting footage of busy Chinese female laboratory worker in safety goggles, white coat, gloves adding reagent to vial then carefully pouring solution into test tube during experiment