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Male robotic engineers discussing over electric component in warehouse 4k

Robotic engineers examine robotic machine 4k

Lab doctor teamwork in lab. Medical team doing microscope research. Doctors team using doctor microscope. Doctor microscope research. Medical scientist looking microscope

High Tech Campus, in Eindhoven, innovation, research, and technology.

Male robotic engineers working in warehouse 4k

Coworkers addressing innovation initiatives in research and development efforts, making new plans and strategies to ensure goals

High Tech Campus Eindhoven, where science meets business.

Electronics Manufacturing Research And Development Of Electronics Manufacturing

Woman examining dna sample on microscope tray in laboratory to analyze substance. Biochemistry specialist using magnifying glass lens on microscopic tool for research and development.

Robotic engineer using digital tablet in warehouse 4k

Electronics Manufacturing Microchip Under A Microscope For Research And Development

The Chemical Park Marl 650 hectare industrial estate in the town of Marl in the Ruhr area in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia

Black businessman gazing out the window in a serene cafe sitting at table with laptop

Adult reliable Lab technician entering results on computer doctor wearing in white coat working alone. professional caucasian man conducting food quality test at modern working place in

laboratory research and development of vaccine from coronavirus, pandemic of covid-19 and pharmaceutical industry, pair of virologists

Rotterdam, 22th of July, 2023, The Netherlands. Aerial Views of Innovation: Rotterdam Science Towers.

Woman chemist doing microscope research. Female chemist in lab. Chemistry scientist looking in microscope. Chemistry laboratory research. Chemical scientist looking microscope

Robotic engineers examine robotic machine in warehouse 4k

Lab technician conducts food quality test at working place. Woman holding petri dish. At the working place desk with laptop and vegetables. Doctor wearing in white coat entering data on computer

Robotic engineer examine circuit board 4k

Scientist researcher using microscope in laboratory while nurse taking notes on computer working overtime. Medical healthcare technology and pharmaceutical research and development concept.

Robotic engineer selecting various tools 4k

Panning view of a fish hatchery with Kokanee Salmon fingerlings in them.

Panning view of fish hatchery tanks raising Kokanee Salmon fingerlings in them.

Snake River Cutthroat trout fish at a hatchery swimming around.

Fish hatchery raising Snake River Cutthroat trout as they swim around.

Curious, Investigative, Inquisitive - an Inquisitive Mind Analyzes Details in a Cozy Cafe with the Utmost Concentration on a Laptop Screen

Tank in a fish hatchery with fingerlings of Kokanee salmon in them as they swim.

Snake RiverCutthroat trout fingerlings swimming around in a fish hatchery.

Scientist speaking on phone in laboratory with modern equipment

View of tanks in a fish hatchery with Kokanee salmon fingerlings in them.

Kokanee salmon fingerlings swimming at a fish hatchery in a tank.

Organic green hop and green leaves. Organic farm for beer production. Hop selection and harvest, research and development

Kokanee salmon fingerlings at a fish hatchery jumping at the edge of a tank.

Amsterdam Science Park, University campus, Data center, Technology hub and Research facility, AMsterdam, The Netherlands.

Female researcher writing data research. Scientific researcher writing research report. Woman lab researcher in research laboratory. Woman researcher in lab. Laboratory research

Group of scientists wearing lab coat working in laboratory while examining biochemistry sample in test tube and scientific instruments. Science technology research and development study concept

Robotic engineers working in robotic warehouse 4k

Nurse holding tablet computer with scientific informations while chemist using microscope with chemical test tube near, in lab background at night. Medical science research and development concept

Worth am Rhein, 8th of April, Germany. Vehicle testing test track, Daimler Truck EVZ in the state Rhineland-Palatinate.

A man works at a clean desk with a computer and keyboard and mouse. He might have glasses on with a clock or medical chart in the background. The office has a window with late night or early morning light outside.

Lab researcher wearing safety glasses in lab. Lab research preparation. Female researcher wearing glasses. Woman researcher in research laboratory. Laboratory researcher workplace

Snake River Cutthroat trout fingerlings in a holding tank at a fish hatchery.

Group of scientists wearing lab coat working in laboratory while examining biochemistry sample in test tube and scientific instruments. Science technology research and development study concept.


The concept of research and development of new technologies in the energy market.

Male's hand take and check raw hop flowers. Beer production in ecological craft brewery. Brewing industry, research and development

Woman wearing safety glasses during covid 19 pandemic in laboratory. Science engineer working on biochemical experiment and analysis to help with research and development in lab. Close up

Robotic engineer working in warehouse 4k