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Team of builders make repairs living room. Renovated apartment.

Handheld slowmo shot of skilled plumber fixing leak in kitchen sink

Close up shot of unrecognizable male plumber using flashlight and pliers to check and fix pipes

Two workers with ladder while making repairs to building


Mechanics Repairing Cars In Modern Auto Workshop

A man repairs shoes on a street of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Asia

Tilt up slowmo shot of handyman writing on clipboard while electrician in uniform standing on ladder and inspecting smart home device or sensor

Handheld tracking shot with slowmo of male plumber in uniform lying under kitchen sink and fixing leak or installing new pipes

Handheld tracking of woman signing document with handyman, then shaking hands. Worker with toolbox walking away.

Handheld close up of unrecognizable female auto mechanic holding clipboard and marking services rendered for clients car


Mechanics Working On Car Repairs In Auto Service Garage

Friendly mechanic discussing car repairs with vehicle owner

African American man in hoodie drills hole in concrete wall with hammer drill. Man does repairs in his apartment. Repair work, installation of the Internet or making hole for the picture. Dolly shot.

Plastered walls. Repairs in the apartment

Garage for repairs Truck. Truck under repair in the workshop footage. Move camera wide footage


Arabian Mechanic Checking Electric Car Engine for Repairs

mechanic repairs a car in a service center

Handheld shot of cheerful black female auto mechanic with portable work light looking under hood of car to diagnose problem

Talented person does repairs and enjoys music and dancing, wall painting in slow motion

Slowmo shot of man and boy choosing home improvement supplies at hardware store

An experienced mechanic repairs the car standing at the open hood in the service station. Car service, repair, maintenance and people concept - mechanic man working at workshop

A man repairs a ceiling LED light in the house.

Friendly mechanic discussing car repairs with vehicle owner


Auto mechanic repairs vehicle clutch under elevated car in garage. Expert replaces release bearing, cover, disc, plate. Professional service

A very smiling family: a middle-aged man, a blonde woman and her cute child hug each other and take a selfie. In the background, repairs are

Technology installation of plastic floor length on drywall, master drill a hole in the wall using a drill, inserts a screw, twists, fastens baseboard to wall, repairs

repairman giving the shop owner his bill

Technician works in service center. Repairman detaches power supply repairs computer monoblock in workshop. He disconnects wires, takes out and puts detail on table, continues to diagnose monitor.

Handheld tracking shot with slowmo of male plumber in uniform lying under kitchen sink and installing pipes or fixing sink trap

Handheld low angle shot of cheerful black female auto mechanic in gloves using tool and making repairs under hood of car in garage

Welder in workshop repairs structure with sparks. Creative. Work of welder in industrial production. Welder in mask with welding sparks

Laptop cooling system repair disconnecting the cable and removing the cooling cooler, close-up

Medium shot of man with grey hair and beard fixing broken down tractor at dairy farm and teaching his teenage son who is helping him and handing tools. Cows in feedlots eating hay in background

Close up of man hands installs or repairs the air conditioner in the apartment room.

Worker repairs dishwasher at the kitchen

Two workers make measurements of windows and repairs

Electric Hammer Drill Destroys The Building. A Long Drill Makes A Hole In The Wall.

Handheld shot of cheerful black female auto mechanic in gloves typing on laptop lying under hood of car and making repairs with tool

Moving and repairs in the apartment

Friendly Mexican Men Working on Bicycles in Tequila, Mexico - Stabilized Shot

Mechanic checks and repairs automotive engine, car repair, working in the workshop, overhaul, under the hood

Plastered walls. Repairs in the apartment

Repair crew on cellular antenna. Steeplejack - is a master who scales buildings, chimneys and church steeples to carry out repairs or maintenance

Proficient expert doing leak checks and other necessary repairs to prevent major breakdowns. Knowledgeable professional verifying hvac


Carpenters using professional equipment at the workshop. Media. Working with wooden beams.

Plastered walls. Repairs in the apartment

Repairs in the apartment. A man puts laminate in a room near the heating battery.

Close-up shot: a man in a gray T-shirt, a mechanic, in a gray T-shirt, repairs a blue motorcycle with a screwdriver in his garage workshop