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The sight of the depressed man. Slow motion

Portrait of woman nodding with a smile on grey background. Closeup happy person posing in studio with positive emotions.

The face of a man offended

Shot Of Brown Fluid Melting Out Into Clear Bright Substance

NBA Overtime Crowd Reaction

Studio shot of indian man looking at camera with expectation, seeing amazing news and enjoying win, brown background

Close-up shot of joyful woman winning shooter game competition

Over-shoulder medium shot of Caucasian baby girl sitting on beige carpet at home and listening attentively to her mother, with wide eyes and open mouth, while playing with colorful stacking cups

Handheld shot of male chemist in protective gear holding up flask with vapor coming out of it and observing chemical reaction


Medium vertical tilt shot of young Hispanic female athlete performing shadowboxing exercise alone at gym, working on punch, jab, lunge maneuvres, while warming up for sparring


Medium shot of young Chinese female researcher standing at table with retort on stand in laboratory, looking at purple solution, observing chemical reaction and filling out checklist on clipboard

Young man making a face against blue background

A defocused slider shot of a man in a hoodie vomiting in a household toilet.

Emotional man screaming in camera. Man emotionally saying something. Angry person. Point-of-view shot.

4 K Close Up Shot Hands Of Man Scratching Skin Rash Dermatitis Psoriasis Patient Itchy Scratch Wound 014

Boxer looks at camera then looks away slow motion

Scientist taking out a purple liquid from a conical flask in a lab,tracking shot

The man vomit in the toilet room. View from above. Real time capture

Middle shot of surprised Caucasian boy raising hands and looking around. Portrait of amazed teenager showing emotions at chromakey background. Reaction, shock, lifestyle. Green screen.

Injured woman fighting with man, yelling in the kitchen at each other. Abused terrified beaten wife covered in bruises screeming, suffering injury from alcoholic violent brutal aggressive husband.

Scared frightened African American teen girl closing face with hands posing on green screen. Medium shot portrait of panicked teenager at chromakey background. Scare and fear concept.

Cinematic Medium Shot of Bi Racial Teenage Scientist Looking at the Reaction of her DIY Larva Lamp

Handheld shot of male scientist in disposable coveralls, mask, goggles and gloves holding up flask and observing vapor or gas coming out of it

Medium shot of male and female scientists working in laboratory

Young Asian woman studying chemical reactions in laboratory

Medium rear shot of four multiracial young people sitting together on couch at home with pizza and beer, watching sport game on TV with empty green screen, cheering and clapping. Template, copy space

Shot Of Pink Substance Emerging From Bubble Amongst Grime Toned Substance

Amazed excited girl with open mouth looking at camera gesturing on green screen. Front view close-up portrait of astonished surprised Caucasian teenager posing on chroma key.

Explosion of smoke. Slow motion.

Young woman tasting coffee against yellow background

Top view shot of plastic cup with yellow substance on amazing individual wooden table with turquoise epoxy resin decor, person hands using

Regretful Stride: Angry Person Walks Outdoors, Wrestling with Past Mistakes Tracking Shot Captures Frustration and Negative Reaction to Painful Memories

Time-lapse shot of military veteran coping with anxiety in bedroom

Mans face is blown by leaf blower, slow motion; shot on Phantom Flex 4K at 1000 fps

Medium shot of two scientists mixing liquids in laboratory

Person driving car steering wheel shot slow motion

Effervescent tablet falling into glass of water. 4K close-up slow motion shot

Terrified people watching scary movie on tv channel, being frightened of jump scare at chill hangout. Getting afraid and screaming while they watch horror thriller film. Handheld shot.

Close-up shot of skin rashes on human shoulder through the magnifying red itchy pimples being an allergy reaction on food, medicine, stress

Diverse people being angry about lost football match, watching soccer game and losing championship tournament. Friends having frustrated and disappointed reaction. Tripod shot.

Ecstatic Wow: Young Man's Joyful Reaction to Good News, Celebrating Outdoors Close-Up Tracking Shot Captures Happy Expression

Enthusiastic young adult enjoys football game on couch, celebrating goal in front of TV.

Medium close-up shot of Asian female gamer sitting on bunk bed in tiny apartment, playing FPS shooter on laptop online, losing match, ripping off headphones and reacting with anger and disappointment

Front shot of a man solving a Rubik´s cube, isolated on a black background, he solves it and makes a happy reaction...

Handheld tilt up shot with close up on hand of unrecognizable female chemistry teacher holding glass flask with steam pouring out of it as curious schoolchildren in lab coats looking at it

The young man looks at himself in the bathroom mirror and yawning, waking up.

Man revealing a surprise gift to his excited, happy, smiling wife while standing outside - stabilized shot

Successful businessman praying for many in the office