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Close-up. At the factory for the production of snacks, seeds are moving along the production line. HD

Processing factory conveyor belt. Raw flax materials moving on manufacturing line. Flax processing equipment. Manufacturing process. Raw materials processing machine. Processing industry

Logging Industrial Area Shipping Yard

Black sunflower seeds are poured on the production line. Factory. HD

Crane loading a bulk carrier ship at a loading dock at Europoort, The Netherlands.

Wood raw materials. Wood boards stacked on shelves in lumber yard ready for sale

Hamburg, Germany, December 30th, 2023: Bulk carrier loading and unloading raw materials. Coal and ore, dry bulk terminal in the port of

a portrait of an african american woman in a special green uniform counts the boxes at a waste recycling plant. Factory background. Processing of raw materials, recycling. Pollution control

Warehouse Packing and Quality Control for Small Business

Yellow Brewing Malt Spilling on Wooden Table

Concrete factory machine seamlessly mixing aggregates, cement, and water, delivering precise and consistent concrete batches

Sugar processing factory. Pile of sugar beet. . Raw materials on processing factory. Harvested sugar beet. Sugar harvest. Agriculture industry. Harvest vegetables


Facility that produces sustainable products made from agricultural renewable raw materials. Aerial drone view. Along the Ghent Terneuzen in

Close up of rubble moving on the conveyor, mining industry concept. Stock footage. Industrial moving belt conveyor with raw materials from

Loading of iron ore at a mining plant

An employee goes through sunflower seeds. Seeds are very fast moving on the production line. HD

Hambach, 11th of March 2023, Germany. An impressive drone footage showcasing the sheer size and power of a colossal bucket wheel excavator as it mines for brown coal.

Fresh boards stacked on shelves of warehouse. Stored pine boards. Sawed wooden boards are stored in warehouse of sawmill. Woodworking industry products in stock. Wooden boards

Commodity trade of raw materials crude oil, gold, silver, on global commodities


Aerial drone view on a lime stone mine in Wulfrath Germany.

Flax unloading process at factory. Unloading raw materials with cargo truck at plant. Manufacturing process at flax factory. Flax production process. Flax plant process. Textile industry

Loading of iron ore at a mining plant

Morning sunrise shine through ripe wheat ears on field. Raw materials for making beer. Oktoberfest. Harvesting. Blue sky and golden landscape. Close-up, 4K resolution. Go everywhere.

Experience the captivating beauty of an aerial drone video showcasing a coking plant,sinter plants, a blast furnace, and a basic oxygen

Asian individuals organizing merchandise in storage room, managing product distribution and business development.


2023-06-01 - Ramboda, Sri Lanka. Bluefield Tea Factory. Interior of tea processing workshop with workers. Conveyor transports bags, boxes

Train depot, transport over rails. Railway track and trains for transportation of goods and raw materials.

Female employees doing financial planning on laptop, checking products for supply chain management. Owner and female worker analyzing logistics data on pc, business development.

Ghent, East Flanders, Belgium, February 25th, 2024: ArcelorMittal steel production facility, installations to convert raw materials, coal

production line close up

Dried peeled almond kernels close-up


Inland shipping vessels carrying raw materials and chemical to supply the chemical industry. Rodenkirchen, Germany.

Work at wood processing factory. Pine trees logs felled by logging timber industry. Forestry machine loading truck. Log loader machine lifting pile of wood trunks. Timber industry

An African-American woman in a special green uniform monitors the process of packaging raw materials at a waste processing plant. Processing of raw materials, recycling. Pollution control

Combine harvester in the field during harvest sunflower, slow motion.

Transportation of logs to automated production line. Industrial equipment for wood processing. Feeding logs to conveyor. Conveyor for heavy timber logging. Log transporter

Loader unloading timber logs. Log hydraulic manipulator unloading timber from truck. Machine unloading sawn trees. Special equipment for lifting logs from truck body after logging

Close-up. Production of snacks, fried sunflower seeds fall. Packing line. HD


Heavy industrialized chemical park, Rheinland located near Cologne and consists of the Wesseling and the Godorf sites. Petroleum industry

Automatic feed mechanism in workshop of metal stamping. Robotic line for supplying raw materials for metalworking at plant. Automated production line. Industrial equipment. Electronic production line

Two diverse factory workers talking while walking along marble processing plant with modern machinery equipment and high quality raw materials

Paper Is Painted On The Machine. Raw Materials Passes Through The Conveyor. Paper Factory.

Small business owner organizing merchandise inventory for quality control supply chain

Aerial view of Sugar Mill in Uttarakhand. Drone view of Indian agro industry facility situated amidst large farming lands and forests.


Heavy industrialized chemical park, Rheinland located near Cologne and consists of the Wesseling and the Godorf sites. Petroleum industry


Aerial drone view on the Kalkwerk Flandersbach, in WUlfrath, Germany.


Heavy industrialized chemical park, Rheinland located near Cologne and consists of the Wesseling and the Godorf sites. Petroleum industry


Automated production line for ceramic tiles in large manufacturing plant. Complex steps involved in producing high quality tiles from raw materials.