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Bacon frying in a pan. Top view, Zoom, rotation of the camera.


Behold This Low Carb Wonder Dish Composed Of Fish Fresh Salad And Egg

Young woman enjoying a meal with pork steak and rice

Dry instant noodles

Sub sandwich made at restaurant


Indian man holding thermal backpack answering phone, fulfilling clients orders, isolated over studio background. Food delivery service

A person reaches into a box and grabs a slice of pizza. The individuals hand taking the slice from the box.

Close up by rotating on fusilli pasta

A tasty portion of Dutch fries: a thick layer of mayonnaise to garnish them and the disposable wooden fork tucked to the side on the right. 30fps


Portrait of indian pizza delivery man holding takeaway orders for customer. Upbeat courier with lunch boxes in arms and thermal food

instant noodles in soup bowl

a man making tuna fish sandwich

Office Worker Enjoys Nourishing Noodles for Lunch

Portrait of Young Man Eating Dinner Food on Camera Close Up. Crop Face of Real Modern Person with Instant Noodles on Sticks in Mouth. Hunger

Fresh Homemade White Tofu Boiling In Dashi Kombu Soup Kaizen Traditional Japanese Meal

Background of instant noodles rotating close up


Indian delivery worker offering takeaway order to customer paying with debit card. Client buying meal from courier, swiping card on POS

Blender full of sliced juicy fruits vegetables start blending in super slow motion close up. Top view fresh ripe apple carrot banana chopping in mixer for preparing tasty smoothie. Healthy nutrition.

Man takes a bite from McDonald's hamburger meal

Instant noodles. Close-up rotating

McDonalds Happy Meal Placed on Wooden Surface

Surviving in the Wild Forest, Cooking a Chicken on a Stick

One Young Black Woman Takes A Bite A Burger Outside At Park 20 S Female Person Of African Descent Eating Fast Food For Lunch During Sunny Day Outside

Businesswoman Having Lunch Sitting at an Office Table With a Laptop. Fast Food, Workplace Catering, Poor Food in Plastic Boxes, Office Meals

Dry instant noodles

Chicken Nuggets and French Fries eaten by child

Three Japanese girls eating junk food on Omotesando street, Tokyo, Japan, Asia. Female friends having quick lunch

Vienna,Austria,August 2022. Slow motion footage of display for placing orders independently at a kfc store. The boy uses his finger to touch the screen and make choices.

Partial view of a woman eating on the table in an Asian restaurant.

Family entering Taco Bell Restaurant 4k

Woman eating pizza. Close-up. Concept of quick bites and unhealthy food


Person Eating Braised Beef With Egg Noodle, Chilli Oil And Soup With Chopsticks, Top View 4 K

Subway Sandwich shop in Cologne Germany 4k

Japanese Style Barbecue Charcoal Yakiniku Bbq Pork And Beef Tongue Slice

Grabbing Doritos from store shelf POV


Indian pizza delivery worker getting takeaway order out of thermal backpack, giving it to client paying with card. Courier offering lunch

Dry instant noodles

Grabbing cucumber slices from salad bar 4k

Eating Japanese food, hamburg with curry over rice. spoon and fork open up the meat

Taco Bell Restaurant sign on sunny day 4k

Chicken put on burrito at restaurant

Enjoying Lunch at a Cozy Resort: European Cuisine in Thailand

Sandwich made at local sub shop

French fries prepared for order on paper plate 4k

Person preparing a sub at restaurant 4k

Sub sandwich assembled at restaurant

Child eating french fries with nuggets at fast food 4k

soy sauce pouring on rice noodles