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Close-up shot of person tending to plants in the garden

Family enjoying winter day in the forest: Man pulling sled with girl, woman following

UPS truck pulling away in city

Woman turning on floor lamp in living room at evening, detail shot, interior and furniture

Young Couple Enjoying Ocean Together Follow Shot

Studio shot with tilt up of concentrated female and male archers with bows aiming and pulling drawstrings, then shooting arrows while standing against black background

Medium shot of a nurse murdering an elderly male patient by turning off ECG and pulling off nasal cannula

Side shot of a snowboarder pulling powder spray in the air while riding a mountain with a view

Handheld shot of African American woman putting hangers in closet and pulling luggage leaving bedroom

Medium shot of athletic man in sportswear pulling up resistance band with effort while doing upright row exercise at home

High angle view shot of ethnically diverse parents pulling and pushing sledge with their son sitting on it

Young couple entering luxurious hotel room, woman smiling and man with suitcase

Woman holding long hair and pulling blond hair

Medium shot of African American woman pulling clothing to pack into luggage bag

POV action camera shot of Man riding mountain bike

Slow Motion Shot Of Game Of Tug Of War At Summer Garden Fete

Big slingshot shot and hit the target. Focus pulling from stretching huge slingshot and hitting the target on field.

Child in winter clothing sleds on snowy day. Little one enjoys snowfall in park. Child in navy jacket climbs hill to sled in forest. Slow motion.

Pulling away from the lush greenery in the forest of Lynn Canyon Vancouver

Airliner arriving in the dusk. Front view of the plane with headlight landing on illuminated runway with ocean in background

Aerial view of a white car arriving home, pulling into the driveway and parking; drone follow shot

Medium shot of four multiethnic schoolchildren playing rope pulling game together on lawn in public park on sunny day

Live camera follows carefree cheerful man pulling sled with woman as teen girl jumping in slow motion. Tracking shot of joyful Caucasian happy family having fun on winter backyard with snow falling.

Young Couple Enjoying Beach Together - First Person Perspective

Tilt up shot of tired woman in worn clothes pulling cart with items in post-apocalyptic setting

Cheerful African American boy sledging on winter day, his ethnically diverse parents pushing and pulling sledge, slow motion shot

Large black commercial jet airplane during flight

Steam in city streets of downtown New York City 4k

Hand pulling fresh lemon from water, slow motion shot

Slow motion shot of a husky dog smelling the ground and searching for something. Pet is running forward pulling the lead and girl owner

Vertical high angle view shot of ethnically diverse parents pulling and pushing sledge their son sitting on

Back view of woman walking alone in subway passage at night. Man in hoodie steals bag from female's hand. Frustrated girl trying to chase robber. Upset woman gesturing with frustration. Steadicam

Coming In For A Landing 2

Owner retrieves ball from Doberman's mouth. Playful dog holds onto yellow ball as owner attempts to retrieve it.

Middle-aged Asian mother and her young son doing high knee pulls exercise on city riverside sidewalk

Tilt up portrait shot of smiling woman pulling up knee-socks sitting on aerobics equipment and looking at camera at studio with neon lights

Man and woman exercising together in the forest

POV shot of woman holding hands with athletic boyfriend, following him in forest and then start running together while having outdoor partner workout on summer day

Closeup man holding assault rifle in hand. Male killer finger pulling trigger of gun. Dangerous sniper arm shooting from modern weapon. Hitman arm using sniping rifle outside

POV: Woman playing with excited Jack Russell Terrier and daughter at home

Close up shot of homeless man pulling blanket over face and sleeping on ground on cold day

Pulling away from the waterfall as it pools in Lynn Canyon Vancouver

Medium shot of young Asian female factory worker wearing safety glasses and coverall uniform pulling up lever while working on machine equipment at industrial factory

Aerial view of moving harvester. Trail of dust behind machine. Big farm has rich crops. Provide food for entire country.

Dynamic Cop Pulling Gun

Family enjoying time with pets on the sofa at home

Evening city streets with steam from sewer in New York 4k

Slow motion shot of Hispanic man pulling heavy trash bin outside