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Telephones on the wall in the corridor of the housing unit of a prison 4k

Telephone booth on street modern city. Phone booth on street European city. Pay phone on city street. Public telephone on city street

Dialing phone number on public pay phone 4k

Alternative view of three individuals waiting at the bus stop


Hanging public telephone night closeup. Black broken payphone swinging with blurred street background. Landline handset dangling on wire

Telephone number dialed at outdated payphone 4k

slow motion Electric car plugged in outside house

Man using ATM at night to get money 4k

Girl tourist buying subway or train tickets at the ticket machine

Abandoned coin phone booth in the city.

a man removes a pistol from his gun safe


London, United Kingdom - April 2, 2024: Piccadilly Circus Scene underground sign in London, Red London phone booth, busses and people

Payphone Station in Airport

woman on training equipment outdoor

Man tourist pays for car parking in a street parking machine in Barcelona.

Dialing 555 generic phone number on pay phone 4k

Man is dialing number on payphone

Close up, Low Angle Shot on Female passenger hand holds hanging handrail in subway train while moving. Plastic grey strap is for public transport passengers. City Convenience Transportation Concept

Man Putting Change In Payphone Close Up

Dollar Bill into and out of machine

Ceo Manager Entrepreneur Arguing on Mobile Phone in the City at Night

Using payphone to make a telephone call 4k

Red payphone booth with blue background.

Slow Motion Bouncy Balls in Opening Elevator

Man making a call from payphone

Options made at vending machine keypad

Older man in blue sweater tries to order a metro ticket.

A male hand reaches out from an open car window to enter a code on a roadside keypad during entering the private parking zone

Old man is calling from payphone

Man Exiting Train Station and Talking on Phone

Bank of payphones

Rusted old payphone on a city street background. Footage. Payphone at Night. Telephone on the street a night city

Man Using Public Payphone

Phone Booth

Hang Up Pay Phone

Gym with various exercise machines in it and people walking on treadmill at sunny day