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Knights in Armor on Battlefield: Commander Leading Troops in the Misty Ambiance, Bracing for Battle's Embrace, an Inspiring Moment of Leadership Before the Epic Confrontation Unfolds.

Woman Dries Kitten After Shower: Gentle Towel Drying

Confident Muslim Businesswoman: Close-Up Portrait

Portrait of Kendo practitioner in Dojo, Tokyo, Japan.

Brave man maintains order in medieval village

Knight armours with spear


Person in elaborate traditional mask and costume with intricate designs, standing in front of a historic building with ornate architectural details

Fighting medieval knights

27. 05. 2017 - Kyiv, Ukraine. The dog is biting a figurant. The dog is biting and tearing a figurant.

Guard dog is attacking a violator. Dog is guarding a bag and suddenly attacking a violator.

27. 05. 2017 - Kyiv,Ukraine. Dog is biting a man and rotating around. Belgian shepherd is biting a figurant's garment and rotating around.

Dog defence cynology exercise. Dog is defencing and counter-attacking a man with a bat.

27. 05. 2017 - Kyiv,Ukraine. Dog is biting hard a figurant's arm. Belgian shepherd is biting hard a figurant's arm.

clean room lab tech looks at blood sample

27. 05. 2017 - Kyiv,Ukraine. Dog is cruely attacking a figurant, he's defending himself. Dog is biting hard.

27. 05. 2017 - Kyiv, Ukraine. Hound is cruely biting and clinging a figurant. Dog is madly biting a figurant, but then abruptly releasing.

27. 05. 2017 - Kyiv,Ukraine. The dog is staying into a metal construction and biting a figurant. Dog's coordination training.

Close up of virologist worker in protective suit, goggles and respirator. Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic spreading prevention, USA, Italy, Europe.

Detention of a criminal cynology exercise. Trained dog is watching at a detained violator and must not let him escape, cynology training. Violator is putting his hands up.

Dog is furiously biting a sleeve. Shepherd dog is furiously biting a figurant's sleeve.

Girl in a traditional clothes carrying sand board while walking on sand against cloudy sky. Man with a sand board walking in a desert

Dog is about to bite a figurant. Dog is ready to bite but waiting for a command.

27. 05. 2017 - Kyiv,Ukraine. Trainer is releasing a hound and checking a figurant. Dog is getting ready to bite.

Man is swinging a bat to a dog and failing. Figurant is swinging a cudgel to a dog but the dog is counter-attacking and biting him.

UKRAINE, KIEV REGION, KOPACHIV VILLAGE, AUGUST 14, 2016: Warrior in armours with shield and sword in Kyivan Rus park, Kopachiv village, Ukraine, historical reconstruction of ancient Kiev

Dog is attacking a man to protect a property. Trained dog is attacking a figurant to protect a case.

Stay in the know

Private business

Physical Prowess

Cynology training exercise. Dogs are protecting bags. Figurant is coming closer to one of the bag and the nearer dog is starting to bite him while other ones are standing beside their bags.

Gentle protection

Revealing shot of smiling repairman happy with freon levels in outdoor condenser while using manometer to accurately measure HVAC system

Love in the gestures

dia de los muertos celebration with mariachi skull ,4k video animated