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Gun Control. 9mm handgun with bullets rotating on a reflective surface

Firefighters fight the fire flame to control fire not to spreading out. Firefighter industrial and public safety concept. Traffic or car

Video of an empty garage, camera goes from close up image of the door towards the back of the room.

Weapons of medieval knight

Gun Control. Ammunition of 9mm bullets rotating on a reflective surface

Police Body Camera on Law enforcement tactical vest

yellow triangle Caution warning Beware Overhead Load Symbol Sign icon concept animation with alpha channel

Lumberjack logger worker in protective gear cutting firewood timber tree in forest with chainsaw

Boxing gloves and ring in fitness gym boxe combat sports

Waiting for traffic light, color switching.

Arrows Circle line icon on the Alpha Channel


Tanks Shadow Cast on Sand

Close up of man painter paints the walls with paint spray gun. Airless spray painting.

Heritage of Armed Gladiators Combat Warriors Going to War Conqueror Parade

Police vehicle parked on side of road with flashers on 4k

Safety equipment carabiner and ropes for climbing trees in extreme park outdoor. Close up climbing rope and carabiner for saving in adventure park


Soldiers in helmets and chain mail stand in a line, ready for the event

A man in a brown leather jacket securing his motorcycle riding gloves with the velcro strap around his wrist outside.

Rotation view of the video surveillance in the airport terminal. Being secured, safe place. Modern technologies, dangerous world. Safety system.

24. 08. 2018 - Kyiv, Ukraine. Close up of caterpillar tank on a sunny day. View of new modern army tank bumber close up. Exhibition of heavy military equipment.

The climber connect the hooks with equipment on the cloth

Security Cameras on a Pole with Clouds in the Background (tilt up shot) 1

Blue rubber gloves on blue background. House cleaning essential. Top view

KHARKIV, UKRAINE - SEPTEMBER 12, 2021: Policeman in riot gear during demonstration. Law and order. Opposition rallies, detentions and arrests

A caucasian man puts his bare hand into a motorcycle riding glove with his other hand that is already wearing a glove

Police Equipment sitting on Table

Hunter walking in the snowy winter forest. Winter hobby, sun, hunting concept.

Close up Old German peaked helm WWI so called Pickelhaube exposed in museum. 2023, Museum of History, Chisinau, Moldova

very old abandoned Grungy Lifebuoy

Airless spray painting. Close-up of professional painter paints the walls with paint spray gun.

Terrorist sniper with an automatic weapon and gun sight on the barrel standing in the shadow taking aim from an upstairs opening of a building overlooking green trees

Dark hideout with monitors with software interface and computer equipment for hacking secret data and attacking the government server and scamming in network illegal

10 october 2023 - Lisbon, Portugal - Feira International Lisbon, Segurex - international exhibition of protection, defence safety and

Gun Control. 9mm handgun with bullets rotating on a reflective surface

Police squad on a city street. Kyiv. Ukraine.

Worker polishes metal part on circular machine. Creative. Circular machine for polishing metal parts and beams. Worker polishes steel part

Sliding over fireman clothing

Lifebuoy and life jackets on a ferry deck close-up. Rescue equipment on a ship: buoy and vests for emergencies

Electrical laid wires in new wooden home construction Close up

A closeup view activating a fire alarm wall switch in a commercial building. Emergency strobe lights activated. Shot at 60fps for optional slow motion use.

Gun Control. Studio shot of a 9mm gun rotating on a reflective surface

Old Historical Retro Vintage Army Soldiers Troops With Shields and Spears Marching Together

red blue lights police beacon on a black background

Construction worker using angle grinder with safety gear, smiling

gun lies on the slowly rotating surface. Highlighted with by light.

An extreme close up shot of a fire alarm warning light on the ceiling of an office, airport, or other commercial building. Loopable.

Blue lead apron x ray protection vest in dental operatory room and dental clinic

very old abandoned Grungy Lifebuoy