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720 Spinning Sheriff Badge On Leather Wallet

WWII air corps officer taking notes in the snow

Small Airplane Taxiing Down Runway


Close-up tilting shot of male office employee in suit, with slicked back hair, in glasses opening laptop, putting presentation pages on table, propping chin and glaring across at annoying colleague

A view of the propeller on a military airplane as it prepares for landing.

4K Airplane Taxiing at the Airport

A small aircraft approaching for landing.

Focused little boy watches movie on smartphone enjoying peace of evening nature. Small boy relaxes alone propping cheek with finger feeling

4K Push In Through Cockpit And Out Window Aerial Airplane Flying

Turbo-prop plane takes off view from plane window passenger.

Tomatoes. Whole and a half isolated on white

720 Pan To Sheriff Badge On Wooden Desk

Closeup piece of cake with cocoa beans, cashew nuts and cinnamon. Chef hands decorating chocolate cake with fresh mint leaves in slow motion. Food decorating concept.

Father and baby hand.

The Boat's Underwater Rudder and Propeller

Aerial Footage: Small Plane Taxiing Down Runway at Airport

Medium low-angle shot of young Caucasian male athlete in rubber cap and goggles sitting on dive block by swimming pool, resting, hand propping chin, mentally preparing for practice, analyzing mistakes

Redhead man in glasses puts hands on stack of books on desk

4K Airplane Red Strobe Light Beechcraft Airport

4K Aerial View: Airplane Soaring Over Lake Michigan

4K Aerial Low Pass Over Airport Runway Operated With Permission

Female mechanic checks the motor at car repair service. Strong woman with a wrench inspecting a vehicle, takes away hood prop rod and closing the hood.

4K Airplane Taxiing at the Airport

The Boat's Underwater Rudder and Propeller

Blue and Yellow Plane Taxiing on Field

The Boat's Underwater Rudder and Propeller

Aerial Footage: Airport Plane Taxiing on Runway - Small Airplane with Permission

Dark Plane Taxiing Towards Camera 2

A large military plane sits on the tarmac while being loaded with cargo.

4K Aircraft Departing Beechcraft in Flight at Airport

4K Aircraft Landing - Beechcraft Flying at Airport

Woman Performer Standing on Roof of Plane Waving

Police helicopter spying. Police service commonly use aircraft for traffic control, air patrol and control of large-scale public events.

Slow motion Closeup of a Drone's Propeller/Rotor Arm in Flight

Slow Motion Pilot Inspecting Propeller Small Airplane Airport Slider Shot

Pre Flight Check: Small Airplane Beachcraft Musketeer at the Airport

New York City - december 2014 - NYPD Police Helicopter flying by. public safety

A young student learning with her teacher at school

Closeup view flipping through a stack of 10 dollar bills in US currency. Prop money, invalid serial numbers.

A large military cargo plane sits on the tarmac waiting for permission to takeoff.

4K Airplane with New Red Paint Job at the Airport

Portrait of a pilot in a small prop plane with headphones and mouthpiece

Private aircraft parked at airport.

Zoom Out from Yellow US Navy Plane

4K Aerial Airport Plane Taxiing Pre Flight Check Operated With Permission

Cream Colored Plane Taxiing on Grass Field

Aerial Footage: Airport Plane Taxiing Small Airplane with Permission

Old Turbo Prop Airplane